Mickey Factz Teaches Financial Responsibility Through Taxing Bars (Video)

Bronx, New York native Mickey Factz is the latest guest on Funkmaster Flex’s freestyle platform. With his barrage of bars, the veteran lyricist kicked knowledge about something often overlooked in Rap: financial responsibility.

After warming up his chops and getting his metaphorical ducks in a row, Factz began spitting facts at around the 5:40 mark specifically aiming his message at Black teenagers.  He described a common cycle of young people ruing their credit without knowing its lasting impact and the struggle it creates down the road.

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If you don’t got it, don’t use it. I know he like to shop and go stupid,” he raps over Nas’ “Nas Is Like.” “Let your conscious be the guide don’t do it / Go into your wallet for the dollars you accruing / I know we sound impossible and foolish, but think about it / When a kid from the hood get a Visa in the mail and the chicks think he good / He get a little gear, now he think he could / Now he can’t get a crib ’cause he put all his purchases on his card and never paid off sh*t / Now he getting fired, laid off quick / I know a bunch of cats that put bills in they lil’ kids name just so the lights stay on / So when a child grows up, he’s not a grown up / Rectifying what his mom and pop blowing up, it’s not known but / Credit stays with you all of your life.

Factz then delves into what he believes is a racket a lot of credit card companies and banking institutions participate in by spying on vulnerable folks. “They don’t teach you that though, it’s a marketing play / But I’m here, please listen when I talk in the mic / Be responsible don’t get bought with a price,” he raps. “It’s horrible right? The feds probably call me tonight / Soon as I leave Flex show they goin’ follow me right? / Smartest advice? Make sure you’re tracking your funds / Don’t leave home without it, be practical hun / That’s American Express where it’s actually from / Discover what a Visa does like a traveling nun / When it come to a card you gotta master it son / Know what’s in your wallet like Capital One / Bankruptcy 10 years, and bad credit is seven / On your report Experian and get it and transmit it transfer it TransUnion during the transition / Giving you pure Equifax, man listen / Wise words from an OG brother / Get your score to 800 like a toll free number / I had to teach y’all, it was actually hard / Repeat offender, now let’s get back to the bars.

This isn’t the first time Mickey Factz scorched a radio freestyle. Back in 2016, he appeared on Sway in the Morning and spit bars so hot that Sway Calloway put his freestyle on his “top 10 list” ever on the show. Musically, Mickey hasn’t released a project since 2016’s The Achievement: circa ’82, but it hasn’t stopped him from MCing. Last year, he participated in King of the Dot’s Massacre event where he battled West Coast rapper Daylyt.

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“The Sermon” didn’t make Factz’s Soulspazm/W.A.R. Media album, but it’s certainly worth the listen.