Page Kennedy, Elzhi, Kxng Crooked, Cassidy, King Los & Mickey Factz vs. EVERYBODY (Audio)

Earlier this month, Page Kennedy dropped jaws when he added an unofficial (but very compelling) new chapter to JAY-Z’s “The Story Of O.J.” The Detroit, Michigan actor/MC is clearly out to keep his profile buzzing and pushing this year’s Torn Pages LP along.

This time, he rallies up a crop of elite lyricists for a show-off cypher on Nas’ “Made You Look.” Page taps Kxng Crooked (fka Crooked I) and Elzhi, both of whom rocked on the same AFH South By Southwest stage with him in March, and he also grabs King Los, Cassidy, and Mickey Factz. These MCs are known for top-shelf freestyles, and the cup runneth over in this bar-bastic cypher.

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Over eight minutes long, Page kicks things off with wordplay involving Horror flicks and Future’s “Mask Off.”You’re f*ckin’ with the king of the punchline / I’m f*ckin’ with ya food in the lunch line,” spits the Weeds actor about his bully tactics. El’ follows, living up to his cemented rep. El’ raps, “Lame brain / I’m going deaf to you A-B-C ni**as / We think on different levels, on the same plane / So who’s frontin’ / Hit the snooze button / They confused / I sound ill on the mic, like breaking news / Cuttin’, to reporters gettin’ camera time on the air / They on a different spectrum / I check ’em / Direct, from the owner’s chair.”  The MC who has known P.K. since high school waxes wordplay about Rap, weak rappers, and TV he enjoyed as a child.

The bar is high, but Mickey Factz, King Los, and Cassidy—three onetime major label spitters, all do major damage in the booth. Cassidy, in particular, uses more than half of his verse for a series of condom-inspired punchlines. However, it’s Kxng Crooked who bats clean up, and he leaves no MCs on the bases. The C.O.B. leader bosses on the beat, with some true rewind-worthy punchlines. Take these for example: “If not from the ’90s, you won’t understand this sh*t / 3-5-7, that’s the way my hammer click / 3-5-7 was part of Hammer’s clique / Pac’s saliva landed on the camera, that’s the way my that my cannon spit / You better abandon ship / The predator anarchist / The better the rapper is, the better the beheadin’ / Make competitors sound regular after this / They say I’m immaculate / The weapon is accurate / You step in Los Angeles, expect an ambulance / Snatchin’ rappers, we on the forefront / We was puttin’ travel bans on ni**as before Trump / Slippin’ out in the exit / Dippin’ out in the Lexus / Flippin’ out ’cause the pistol’s mouth was stickin’ out like a sore thumb / Crooked I, too many loose screws, cuzzo / Kxng Crooked, I win and you lose, cuzzo / I’m so West Coast I’m still thinkin’ about takin’ a shot at Jay for that line in ’22 Two’s,’ cuzzo / He was right: too much West Coast d*ck-lickin’ / I’m gettin’ my d*ck licked by a thick chick when it’s slim pickins.” He also calls for a moment of silence for Mobb Deep’s Prodigy. In one of Crook’s first appearances since June 22, the Long Beach MC honors the artist he previously had beef with in 2008.

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This is from Page’s #StraightBarz project, due on August 18.