Kxng Crooked Freestyles On Jeru The Damaja’s “Come Clean” And Does It Dirty (Video)

Kxng Crooked is a monster. There’s no other way to say it. For more than 20 years, the MC formerly known as Crooked I has done things that are absolutely grisly to microphones. Whether as a Death Row records artist who never had the opportunity to release a project or as a member of Slaughterhouse, where he went bar from bar with anyone, including Eminem, Crooked has always found a way to shine. Thus, it comes as no surprise that he would take a run of the mill freestyle opportunity, and make it special.

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Appearing on the L.A. Leakers show, on Los Angeles’ Power 106, Crook was all about business. “Let’s do this,” he says, before commencing. As the DJ cues up DJ Premier’s legendary “Come Clean” track that he produced for Jeru The Damaja, Crooked acknowledges the magnitude of the record with an “Uh oh. That’s how y’all feelin’??” As soon as the beat drops, however, he’s all about business.

Early into the verse, he references his own history, rapping “I been a 3-striker lifer, livin’ behind these bars on Death Row, since I was over there with Suge/Still in my prime, know these are my best days/Still hungry and starving, ribs showing like X-rays,” but he’s just getting warmed up. From there, he drops several lines that elicit laughter from the intimate audience, slipping in and out of double-time mode, making light of Nicki Minaj’s late response to Remy Ma’s “ShEther” diss and more.

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The coup de grace, however, comes when Crook states his opinion about Mumble Rappers. Switching back to double-time, as if to drive home his point about the art of lyricism, he says “You mumble rappers ain’t forming no normal sentences/My only interest is to .44 ’em with no more witnesses/This global menace is your total nemesis/You promo senselessness/I shine and enhance green…photosynthesis,” all in one breath. It is a head-spinning display.

But, he’s not done. Knowing what he’s just pulled off, he follows up the line with “G-ddamn, Crooked you so ridiculous/That’s what Elizabeth said when I said ‘Let me re-dick you, Liz.'” Absurd. Lyricism is alive and well.