The Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth Songs Titling Each Luke Cage Episode Are Revealed

In 15 days (June 22), Netflix will premiere its highly anticipated second season of Luke Cage, a Marvel series based off the Harlem bulletproof superhero of the same name. The show will see the return of Mike Colter as “Luke Cage,” as well as Simone Missick as “Mercedes ‘Misty’ Knight,” Rosario Dawson as “Claire Temple” and Alfre Woodard as “Mariah Dillard.” The show’s first season was critically acclaimed for its fluid fight sequences, superb soundtracking by A Tribe Called Quest’ Ali Shaheed Muhammad and composer Adrian Younge, and its explicit portrayal of past and present New York City.

Luke Cage frequently calls back to some of the most popular and influential songs in New York’s Hip-Hop catalog. In one episode, for example, Cage runs into the real-life Method Man and gives him respect for dropping “PLO Style.” In another, Cage’s nemesis talks about the massive Notorious B.I.G. photo in his office. And furthermore, each of the entire first season’s episodes were actually named after a Gang Starr song.

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Continuing with the naming trend, creator and showrunner of the series, Cheo Hodari Coker, has revealed the next 13 episodes we’ll see of Luke Cage are named after Pete Rock and CL Smooth songs. They are, as follows:

1) Soul Brother #1
2) Straighten It Out
3) Wig Out
4) I Get Physical
5) All Souled Out
6) The Basement
7) On and On
8) If It Aint Rough, It Ain’t Right
9) For Pete’s Sake
10) The Main Ingredient
11) The Creator
12) Can’t Front On Me
13) They Reminisce Over You

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Luke Cage is back on June 22, and will surely pack a few surprising cameos and more Hip-Hop homages.