Skillz Is Back And He’s Bringing Mad FUNK (Video)

It’s been four years since Skillz (aka Mad Skillz) has dropped a project, but that doesn’t mean that the renowned MC/DJ has not been active. Late last year, it was announced that he’d be an artist-in-residence at the University of Richmond (near where he grew up) starting this year. It’s there where he taught a course about Hip-Hop culture with Professor Erik Nielson, who is well-known as an expert in the use of Rap music as evidence in criminal trials.

Interestingly, it did look like at one point that Skillz was never going to drop music again. After releasing his Made In Virginia album, entirely produced by fellow V-A native Bink!, Skillz said that he had no plans to return to rapping. However, now Mad Skillz is returning to his original moniker and giving us a new video exemplifying his trademark charisma.

Skillz Releases His 2017 Rap-Up & It’s An Epic End To A Crazy Year (Audio)

Produced by DJ Buddha, Andrew “Hitz” Phillips, and DJ Class, and directed by Vizink, “In A Minute” is Skillz’ latest song and video release. Previously teasing the visual on Twitter, Skillz and associates are seen strolling in Downtown Richmond in suits with the moves to match. Their wigs are also hilarious. “You don’t wanna see my bad side / I ain’t showed that in a minute,” he raps on the track. “Oh, that’s your girl, she the one right? / She’ll be gone in a minute / Two doors with the suicides / Taking off in a minute.”

It’s unclear whether the video will lead to a new project. However, fans on Mad Skillz’ Twitter page are certainly asking for it. While this seems to be the first of possibly more to come from Skillz, it wasn’t the first musical release for him this year.

Skillz Shuts Down The Competition With A Freestyle WHILE DJ’ing (Video)

In January, Skillz dropped a diss of Uncle Murda for copying his rap-up concept. For nearly two decades Skillz cultivates his “Year End Rap” at the close of the calendar. Many followers of the culture know that if something doesn’t make this witty, creative, and often enlightening verse, “it didn’t really happen.”