Charlamagne’s DNA Was Not Found On The Person Accusing Him Of Sexual Assault

This weekend, media personality and author Charlamagne Tha God declared his innocence regarding a very serious accusation from more than 17 years ago. At that time, in C.T.G.’s home state of South Carolina, the radio station employee was accused of rape by a then-15-year-old girl named Jessica Reid. Those charges were dismissed, 16 years ago, along with any other sexual misconduct. However, the author, Breakfast Club co-host and Brilliant Idiots podcast co-creator has been under public and peer scrutiny much of this month, after the accusations and the alleged victim re-surfaced. As that incident came to light, others alleged sexual transgressions on Charlamagne’s part, including one with his now-wife.

Despite working through the month, Charlamagne has remained silent about the issue on his show. On July 12, he told TMZ that documents from the early 2000s proved his innocence. On Friday (July 27) he broke his Breakfast Club silence with an on-air statement and pointed to that series of old and new evidence. One of the most powerful Black men in media defended his name for an alleged crime that he was cleared of nearly two decades ago. He also used this week to clear his name of the additional charges from his past, stemming from that first incident. For much of July, the man born Lenard McKelvey faced scrutiny and dismissal from media—traditional and social without observance of due process or past court rulings.

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Bossip obtained and published those docs that Charlamagne has mentioned for three weeks. They include a 2002 South Carolina Law Enforcement Division report (document #1) that scientifically declares that Charlamagne’s DNA was not found on the accuser. Additional materials in the pack show that Charlamagne, then on staff at a local radio station, was cooperative with police and investigators at the time. Ahead of releasing the 2002 reports and more, Charlamagne addressed the lingering accusations on The Breakfast Club on Friday (July 27).

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Co-host DJ Envy points out that the show had avoided mentioning the resurfaced accusations for the previous three weeks, despite media coverage. The show was reportedly allowing Charlamagne to prepare his statement.

“I haven’t said anything because I was waiting for more information to come out. It’s been a nutty three weeks. I’ve learned a lot about the weight my words have. I’ve been reminded of the responsibility I have to watch the way I talk about issues [such] as sexual assault. New files from my dismissed assault case were just released,” Charlamagne says. “I hope this squashes whatever misconceptions people might have about the case. The documents show that I did everything in my power to fully cooperate with authorities before this case was ultimately dismissed. To be honest with you, the past three weeks has really made me regret creating an environment that allowed something like this to take place. I’ma forever regret that. But I cannot take responsibility for a crime that I did not commit. But most importantly, I am praying for healing for the victim. Okay, and I am committed to using my platform that God has blessed me with to do as much good as I possibly can for the rest of my life.”

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C.T.G. added that he is unsure if he will address the incident and allegations again in the near future. Angela Yee asks Charlamagne if the documents indicate that the case will not be re-opened. “Yeah, according to the solicitor of South Carolina, a couple weeks ago, she definitely said the case will not be re-opened. She said it would be unethical to re-open a case where there was a lack of evidence, and the victim wouldn’t cooperate. So, yeah.”

Other documents in the packet include a signed affidavit relating to an incident involving Charlamagne and a confirmed past sexual partner. That partner, whose name is redacted, stated that there was no sexual misconduct pertaining to an incident Charlamagne described on a 2015 Brilliant Idiots podcast episode. In that show, the co-host recalled using the aphrodisiac “Spanish fly” with his then-sexual partner. The woman stated that the relationship and encounter were consensual and that she was not incoherent during sex.

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In the last week, Charlamagne addressed another sexual incident from his past. On The Breakfast Club, he called his now wife, Jessica Gadsden. The couple recounted their first romantic experience to clarify a report stated on Brilliant Idiots that suggested the mutually intoxicated couple may have engaged in sex without proper consent. The couple laughed at the notion together, pointing out that they are now married.

According to Ebony, the 2001 incident re-surfaced after another media personality, Troi “Star” Torrain, interviewed the accuser for an episode of The Star Report that has been since removed from YouTube. A report from The Daily Beast (titled “Inside the Disturbing Rape Allegations Against Charlamagne Tha God, Hip-Hop Radio’s Biggest Voice”) published shortly after, and re-traced Charlamagne’s June 22, 2001 arrest in Berkeley County, South Carolina related to the incident. Age 22 at the time, C.T.G. was apprehended with a warrant for criminal sexual conduct with a minor in the second degree.

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While Charlamagne participated in the ensuing investigation, according to documents published at The Blast, the accuser was uncooperative with authorities in the process.

In a past video interview with DJ Akademiks, Charlamagne brought up the 2001 incident, his arrest, and his ultimate clearing of any sexual misconduct. Charlamagne says that he received several months of probation related to his throwing a party where alcohol was provided to minors. The Blast reports that C.T.G. was charged with “contributing to the delinquency of a minor” and was sentenced to three years of probation. The author of the upcoming Shook One book claims he was not at the property for much of the evening when the incident took place. He returned the next morning to learn of the victim’s accusations, speak to police on scene, and analyze property reportedly damaged by the accuser, including a television and holes in the wall.

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The renewed accusations came just two weeks after it was announced that HBO ordered four interview show episodes called The Gray Area With Charlamagne Tha God. According to Variety, those are scheduled to air later this year.