Charlamagne Nearly Pushes Beanie Sigel To The Point Of Getting Physical (Video)

Beanie Sigel has experienced one of the highest profile months of his extensive musical career. The South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania MC started September as an esteemed veteran, reportedly in plans to make a collaborative album with former foe Jadakiss. However, after briefly appearing on Meek Mill and Omelly’s “Ooouuu” reply to The Game’s “92 Bars” diss, the former Roc-A-Fella Records star seemingly landed in the crossfire of a beef. In a period of eight days, Sigel went from an ally of Meek and Dreamchasers (and in turn, a target of The Game) to an outspoken critic of Meek, reportedly in peace talks with The Game.

Between those two distinct positions, Beans was assaulted at a concert where he proclaimed himself the “King Of Philly” on stage the same night. Since apparently changing sides, Sigel released two diss records last week, aimed at Meek Mill, an artist who not only has alleged family ties to Beans, but to whom the State Property figurehead has referred as a “little brother” in the past. Outside of beef, violence, and controversy, Beanie Sigel reunited at the BET Hip Hop Awards with several members of State Property, and led a cypher that channeled some of that Roc-era chemistry.

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Appearing on The Breakfast Club, Charlamagne Tha God wasted no time taking Beanie Sigel to task for his pendulum positions as of late. In 40 minutes, the co-host and guest called each other names, as Sigel finger-pointed, pounded the table, and raised his raspy voice more than a few times. In the process, the Power 105 personality questioned the rapper’s loyalty as seen in The Game vs. Meek Mill conflict, called him a “hater,” and also brings up some recent inner-turmoil within State Property following Oschino and Peedi Crakk’s Drink Champs Podcast.

At 30 seconds in, Charlamagne starts, “You sound like a hater lately,” referencing the two-hour Tax Season Podcast guest appearance from late September. “I feel like you put out two diss records, but you was in the studio with Meek [Mill] eight days prior to the first diss record. If anybody else did that, I think you’d be sayin’ that was a sucka move.” An agitated Beans replies, “I don’t think you’re qualified to even say that I sound like a hater because you don’t know all the particulars.” He pushes further, “Hate on what, and why?” Beanie Sigel reminds Charlamagne that before they were at odds, the elder rapper was mentoring the younger star from his same city. “Did you not also hear me say that [I told Meek Mill not to make] the same mistakes I did? So is that me schooling somebody or sounding like a hater?” He continues, “I ride for my city as a whole. He’s a very important part of the city. It’s not about me hatin’ on Meek; I fucks with Meek, totally. But when you do something [wrong you need to suffer the consequences].”

At 5:30, Charlamagne pushes for additional clarification. He states his opinion, “This whole situation seems shaky to me. I know you say I’m not qualified to speak on it—I’m just observing it, but it seems like loyalty with you lies with who’s providing you opportunity at the time.” That line may also apply to Beans’ high-profile 2000s disses towards former mentor Jay Z, as well as his shifting positions with The Game and Meek Mill. The rapper fires back, “Get the fuck outta here, Charlamagne. [Meek Mill] ain’t provide me no opportunity; he ain’t call me and ask me to [appear on ‘Ooouuu’]. I did that! I walked into [the studio]; Meek wasn’t even there. It was just Omelly in the studio.” Sigel says a mutual friend let him know that a song defending Philadelphia was being recording. “Lil Top, Meek’s cousin told me, ‘Yo, Omelly [is] in the studio; they recordin’ a lil’ somethin’.’ I go there, ‘Oh, this what y’all doin’?’ I wasn’t even gonna get involved. I [only provided some writing]. ‘You gotta do this, bro. Say this.’ I went and I referenced the track for him. And they just kept that part in there: my vocals. Two bars, that’s all I said; I don’t even think it was a whole two bars.” Beans maintains that he understood there was a diss out, but had not heard it. In that diss attacking Meek Mill, The Game mentions Beanie Sigel by name. The State Property MC whose band mates were also mentioned took that as a sign of respect from his former Compton collaborator. He believes Meek deliberately set him up. “If I would’ve heard [’92 Bars’], I would’ve said, ‘Aight, you handle that. [The Game] just bigged me up on a record, shouted me out crazy.’ [Meek Mill] knew that; [he] knew I didn’t hear that—at all!” Beans declares Meek’s action as “snakeish.” Charlamagne says if he goes by what Sigel is saying, he agrees.

At 11:30, Charlamagne brings up another issue that raises the temperature. “Oschino says State Property never was a family,” says the host, following the Philly MC and State Property member’s appearances on Drink Champs and Tax Season. Beans isolates that opinion to O’. “Ask other State Property members. That’s him. He’ll be [a show guest] and he’ll rant and rave, ’cause he’s finally getting some light.” Sigel points to the solo careers of the S.P. members as a motive for Oschino to criticize him for his loyalty and the group’s true bond. “Me? Several solo albums and projects. Freeway? Several solo albums and projects. Young Gunz? Several [albums]. Oschino and [Omillio] Sparks? Where’s the projects?” He continues, “At the end of the day, he can rant, he can rave, he can say what he want to say—bullshit. Ask any of the other State Property members.” As to Oschino’s omission from the BET Hip Hop Awards stages, Sigel says, “I called [Oschino] to do [the BET Hip Hop Awards cypher].” Young Gunz/State Prop’ member Young Chris allegedly missed the event due to a newborn son. Charlamagne then brings up Yung Joc’s being upset with a lyric in Beans’ cypher. “That’s hilarious,” is how the vet reacts.

As the hosts (with DJ Envy) and guest go through the issues, they come back to Beanie Sigel’s argument against Meek Mill. As Beans questions Meek’s street credibility, Charlamagne asks why they were close in the first place given the infractions. Between 21:50 and 26:00, things get especially tense. “How do you not understand why I’m saying? You know why? ‘Cause you not cut from that cloth!,” charges Mac. “That’s cool,” C.T.G. replies. “You not! That’s why you don’t understand that,” Beanie continues.

Later, Charlamagne argues that, “Life’s too short to be wasting your time with suckas,” given Sigel’s criticism of Meek. The guest turns it on the host. “I think you’re a sucka. So I should be out, right?” Sigel stands up and starts to walk, before returning to his seat. “You’ll sit here and badger a lil’ girl—Lil’ Mama, ’til she cry. That’s what you do. Coward.” Beans is referencing a past viral interview. After the rapper states his opinion, Charlamagne gives his own: “I think you’re a hypocrite and be comin’ off as a hater sometimes.” Sigel fires back, “I can say I think you’re a bitch. You let Fredro Starr and them check you, but you made a girl cry.” He then turns to DJ Envy and moves the conversation to music.

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Further in the interview, Beanie Sigel addresses losing a lung following a 2014 drive-by shooting and the subsequent alteration of his voice. “That’s why y’all ain’t hear any music from me, ’cause I couldn’t embrace [the fact I have one lung]. I’m used to just going in the booth for four, five minutes straight—no breath [even with] a lot of weight on me at the time. I recorded records [since the 2014 shooting], but I couldn’t hear me.”  Other MCs like The D.O.C. and D.M.C. have suffered vocal loss in their careers. Beans says he’s considering a double album of material. “The content of [my] music ain’t never gonna change; I’ve been through too much—more than the average person.”

Towards the end of the interview, Envy asks Sigel if he’d accept an allegiance verse for his album from The Game or Drake—both of whom have conflicts with Meek Mill. “Nah, that’d be totally corny—and that’s some bullshit; that’s some opportunist shit,” he says, likely addressing Charlamagne’s perspective earlier. “And that might be good for me—I don’t know about Game, ’cause [grimaces], but Drake the hottest thing in Hip-Hop.”

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The close of the interview shows that things remain tense from 30 seconds in to the conclusion. “You’re a radio personality, man; you don’t come from my world. You wouldn’t understand my world,” Sigel tells Charlamagne, seated right beside him. “Stop runnin’ your fuckin’ mouth, man! You shouldn’t! It’s dangerous! You’re talking to somebody who went to war with police; it’s dangerous. Attempted murders [as charged] at the height of my career; it’s dangerous! You don’t know nothing about that, man. Your job is to sit up here and play fuckin’ games. Well, play with somethin’ safe, man. Don’t play with me.”

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