Beanie Sigel Is Coming for Meek Mill On a New Diss Record (Audio)

Just two days removed from an appearance at the BET Hip-Hop Awards that left many fans waiting with bated breath for reference of his ongoing beef with Meek Mill, Beanie Sigel has dropped a diss track directed squarely at the fellow Philadelphia, Pennsylvania rapper and others involved in tenuous drama that includes the Game. Last week (September 28), Beans broke his silence after footage of an altercation was released which seemed to show him knocked out on the ground, a violent uptick in a situation that may have sprouted from Beanie’s public claims that he helped Meek Mill pen the lyrics to a diss track the latter aimed at Game. As he told the Taxstone Podcast, “With me with this whole [The Game and Meek Mill] situation, I ain’t gotta rat for nobody. I’m not talkin’ about nothin’, ’cause I know me. I know how I move and I know how I get down.”

The Game Disses Meek Mill & Beanie Sigel In Their Own Backyard (Video)

Today (October 6), Heads can hear how the veteran rapper gets down, thanks to his release of “I’m Coming.” Setting things off with a line referencing that somebody will be facing his demise, he says “I was gonna let it die, let shit slide/but niggas pushin’ my fuckin’ button, I gotta fuck up somethin.'” “You drew that line, so I’ma cross it,” he raps, adding “now lay in between them lines when they chalk it.” In a line that harkens back to Meek’s beef with Drake, Beans raps “you just a tweeter, I’m the knock in the devil’s speaker.”

Yesterday evening, Sigel took to Twitter and used the hashtag #BeansIsBack in a veiled announcement of what was to come. With today’s release, Heads know he’s coming, but until a response from Meek Mill appears, it’s unclear how far Beans will go in the lyrical battle…