Beanie Sigel Speaks The Truth. He’s Out To Put Meek Mill To Sleep. (Audio)

Rap disses seem to come in bursts these days. Before Meek Mill addresses Beanie Sigel’s midweek attack “I’m Coming,” his opponent has gotten even closer on “Good Night.” With Sigel’s new, softer spoken delivery (following a 2014 shooting), Beans is out to deliver a career lullaby to the fellow Philly MC he once took under his wing.

For those just checking into the developing drama over the last 10 days, “Good Night” is a quick catch-up. Beanie Sigel, a 15-plus-year Rap veteran reminds all that while he was a respected lyricist (doubling as street enforcer and security detail) at Roc-A-Fella Records, he was always a beacon on those streets of Brotherly Love. The record begins with Mac stating the stars and bars he’s earned on his military uniform as a veteran of some of the nation’s toughest blocks. With that resumé in tact, the State Property figurehead gasps at the gall of Meek Mill from refusing his advice, and treating him as a pauper in his own city. In the just-released record, Sigel shows empathy for Meek for ignoring the wisdom, but refuses to turn the other cheek. Instead, the Broad Street Bully pulls no punches in throwing jabs at the popular 2010s MC, in his own Rocky V storyline. Instead, he asserts that Meek is merely trying to recreate an era in the city (when it was allegedly ran by Beanie Sigel and Allen Iverson) that cannot come back on his watch.

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I tried to give you some game that Jay gave me / To make the transition from the streets to the fame /  You got a little fame and tried add street to your name / It ain’t the same / I’m battlefield tested, wounds all over my body / Where your scars at? / Ride for my niggas, willing to die / What’s your life like? / Feel it in the air / Where them bars at?,” charges the veteran at one point.

If Meek Mill and others will ignore (in the eyes of Beans) the contributions before him, the MC lays his accolades out:

Feel in a state of depression, damn hear O.D.’d / Feeling guilty, if only I could foresee / That I’d be the reason you niggas is drinkin’ codeine / Before Future started sipping on that yellow tuss’ / I clip your life shorter than that yellow bus / You target, put that beam on your back / Me!, the reason beaver leaned on the ‘ack / Me! The reason Philly even on the map/ Me!, the reason your silly ass rap Me!

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Owning his great moments and his flaws at once, Beanie Sigel came to collect. As The Game (and possibly still Drake) wait for Meek Mill’s reply to the latest attacks, Beans is relentless in making his point heard, felt, and his status cemented.

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Joining a BET Hip Hop Awards cypher, this appears to be the biggest week in Sigel’s career in a decade.