Mysonne Says He’s Today’s Tupac & Nas On The Best Freestyle Of The Year (Video)

Mysonne is far from a new artist. The Bronx, New York MC has made his impression felt for years, on major platforms like his show-stopping performance at last year’s BET Hip Hop Awards cypher stage. However, awareness surrounding the MC who appeared on Ma$e’s Double Up and Ruff Ryders’ Ryde Or Die, Vol. 1 almost two full decades ago is not what his skills warrant. Once again, he uses a freestyle to wake up an industry that has wrongfully slept on a rapper with a story, a message, and a cause in his craft.

Mysonne is joined by Violator, Vol. 1 collaborator Fat Joe on Funkmaster Flex’s series. The nearly 15-minute moment is a reminder that freestyles can still be filled with food for your mind, along with captivating rhymes. At 3:45, with JAY-Z’s “Feelin’ It” instrumental (produced by Ski Beatz), The General begins, “I done survived in the Bronx, amongst killers and thieves / Hustled in the cold, below zero degrees / I done seen sh*t that most probably wouldn’t believe / So this second time on Flex fittin’ to be a breeze / Yo, Flex, respect to all these MCs that stepped in to spar / The lyrical elites, please keep reppin’ them bars / The bar’s set, they reach, now I’m resetting that bar / Promise y’all by tomorrow, I’m gonna be mentioned with God.” The lyricist’s t-shirt says “God’s Work” on it.

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‘Sonne continues to spit with intent, balancing a Gangsta Rap aesthetic with righteousness. “Somebody tried to define Mys’, no definition / One of the best cats that’s spittin’ / That get no recognition / I rep for dudes sittin’ in prison / With 90-something, them numbers / ’90s summers, took some of our closest friends from us / Dumb us / We let these streets numb us / JAY-Z tried to tell us, don’t let this sh*t become us / You see, that’s how they want us / Beefin’, feudin’, among us / Chasin’ the fame, wearing the same chains that hung us / Then they look us up for the same ‘caine they brung us / We gotta change the game, but just maintain the hunger / They aim is gettin’ younger / They shootin’ at our babies now / They feminizing men, dudes movin’ like ladies now / They say, ‘You sound like a hater some times’ / I say, “Nah. I tell the truth, it’s only hate when you lyin’,’” spits the hard-nosed MC. With a respectable cadence, he attacks systems in place to hold back him and his people.

Mysonne also gets personal in his extensive rhyme offering. “They trying to divide the Black woman and man / So as a Black man I stand / Right up here, and I apologize / For that pain and neglect that left y’all traumatized / You see when my father died, I swear my mama tried / To turn me to a man, I ain’t feel she was qualified / That’s why I went outside and I witnessed the homicides / And the drug deals, whoever was shootin’ we idolized / That’s why I despised when the rats got idolized / You play the game of snitch, technical foul, you disqualified / I defied them odds and I survived / I’m Tupac Shakur-meets-Nas, just modernized / They say that I provide a feeling that’s undenied / Barring nobody, I am the realest ni**a alive!

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At other places in the display, Mysonne shows that his bars are improvised. “Flex, can you agree, that I did what I told ya? / I came up here, and I shifted the culture / They listenin’ closer / They rhymin’ different, they done switched their approach up / That bullsh*t spittin’ is over / Now they listen to Hova 4:44 and tell me I inspired that / I’m flattered, but I ain’t really buyin’ that / But I will say is they wasn’t jackin’ that kinda Rap / Before I came up here, stop me where I’m lyin’ at / Iron sharpen iron, ni**a, I brought the fire back.”

Throughout the impressive display, Mysonne sticks to a point. He manages to entertain while educating, a rich B-X tradition dating back to Boogie Down Productions. Joe and Flex both look on impressed as Mysonne steals the show and once again proves that some of Hip-Hop’s sharpest minds are not churning out albums.

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#BonusBeat: Last year, Mysonne’s first Flex freestyle drop. He references this moment several times in his freestyle: