After Years On The Grind, Demrick Is Lighting Up. He Tells His Story. (Video)

Demrick has been putting in work for over a decade. Around 2005, the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania native hooked up with West Coast legend Kurupt and ended up moving to California to pursue his Rap career. Back then known as Young De, he went on to earn the respect of many west-coast heavy hitters, being heavily featured on albums by B-Real and Xzibit, and part of their Serial Killers super-crew. He has since changed his moniker to match his birth name and is still working on carving out his own lane among the greats he associates with—including a collaborative LP with Dizzy Wright in the form of 2016’s Blaze With Us.

While he has released several mixtapes over the years, Demrick is now gearing up to release an album appropriately titled Came A Long Way (July 13, 2018). The second single off of the album, which is also the first song on the tracklist, “Light A Match.” The song serves as a great intro to the album, as De’ raps his way through telling his backstory. Describing the impact he’s achieved thus far, he spits: “no radio records, no real record deal / No real appeal / Just a bunch of verses everybody feels.”

Take A Journey With The Serial Killers, Better Known As B-Real, Xzibit & Demrick (Video)

Reflecting on his career to date, Demrick calmly addresses the grind of being on the road touring, relocating to chase his dream, and overcoming feelings of being underrated and overlooked. The video itself also shows clips from the tours and festivals he’s performed at, as well as some of the TV and radio appearances he’s made. As he gives us a glimpse at what he’s been through to get to where he is today, it looks like he may be ready to make that solo push after being under the wings of legends.

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