Canibus & Wyclef Detail Their Beef & How They Squashed It In A New Song (Audio)

When Canibus came on the scene in the late 1990s, he made a name for himself by out-shining MCs on their own tracks. Common, The Lost Boyz, and Heltah Skeltah can all testify to those early, devastating appearances. Then, when the already platinum Wyclef Jean got behind the hungry New York City-based lyricist and surrounded him with “Refugee Camp All-Stars,” his stock skyrocketed even higher.

However, a legendary same-song diss-turned-beef with LL Cool J may have changed the expected trajectory for “Can-I-Bus.” After exceptional features and freestyle work, he used his major label platform to respond to the Rap’s self-proclaimed G.O.A.T. Wyclef was on the boards to assist. Canibus charged at Uncle L with “Second Round K.O.,” which was produced by ‘Clef and featured a cameo by Mike Tyson. But when the recording artist born Germaine Williams laced fans with his debut effort, Can-I-Bus, many fans were underwhelmed. The production shouldered much of the blame in most reviews. So, on his sophomore, 2000 B.C., one-quarter of The HRSMN lashed out at Wyclef and made himself yet another enemy.

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Regardless, of all the static, slights, and subliminal disses over the years, Wyclef and Canibus buried the hatchet in 2004. They have recorded together several times since, although only a couple of the songs have seen the light of day thus far. Well, no sooner had Wyclef announced he had a new collaboration with Canibus titled “Letter To Canibus” on Ebro In The Morning (around the 9:00 mark), then it was available for all to hear.

The point of this reunion of one-time foe is to address questions fans still have for both of them. Wyclef takes Canibus to task for pulling out a notebook during a high-profile battle with Dizaster. Despite that, he praises his former associate as his favorite battle-rapper, but also accuses him of mishandling a late ’90s introduction to Eminem (that also led to an odd and longstanding beef). Mr. Carnival states that he deaded their mutual beef with LL at Big Pun’s funeral in February of 2000. Canibus and LL also made good a few years back. Meanwhile, the Jamaican-born MC known for his scientific bars asks when the Fugees’ comeback is happening. He also explains why he didn’t make the episode of N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN’s Drink Champs podcast, something that caused ‘Clef great concern.

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The artwork that accompanies this new cut looks like a letter from the Medieval period and features the back and forth lyrics.

This song is the intro to the Haitian ambassador’s upcoming mixtape, Wyclef Goes Back To School, which drops September 6. Earlier this summer, Canibus released Full Spectrum Dominance. The project features another vicious 1990s lyrical alum, Thirstin Howl The 3rd.

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