Logic Freestyles Over Method Man’s Beat & Brings Even More Pain (Video)

These days, Logic may be known for his chart-topping projects and Grammy nominations, but it was his come-up in the mixtape scene that got the Maryland MC/producer to this plateau. With a dynamic flow that can be rapid fire one moment and subdued the next, his manic personality has always shined through when he spits, even when it’s on catchy, awareness-minded P.S.A.-style tracks.

That said, Young Sinatra has always paid tribute to the MCs before him, both with his lyrics and well-placed homages. He does things that many of his peers sometimes fail to, and that is properly attribute the greats. Logic’s latest offering comes with the announcement of the release of Young Sinatra 4, which is set to drop on September 28, and a freestyle to preclude it. In the aptly named, “YSIV Freestyle,” Bobby keeps it simple in an all-black wardrobe in an empty warehouse type building with fluorescent overhead lighting, somehow reminiscent of the BET cyphers.

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The simplicity seems to offset the complexity that Logic throws out in the freestyle, which seems to foreshadow what is to come in the fourth installment of the Young Sinatra series. Over the top of Method Man’s “Bring The Pain” instrumental (as produced by RZA) from 1994, he lays it all out with blistering bars.

They say they want the old Logic / The one that flow like a faucet / I’m still the same me / They just don’t believe it like they agnostic / If I spit over the boom-bap they could see that as nostalgic,” he raps.

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The MC then goes on to reference an oft-mentioned Hip-Hop dilemma, the journey from obscurity to success. “But they love you on the come up / ‘Cause you ain’t tainted by fame / You still they little secret / That’s the type of bullsh*t that they frequent.

From there, he makes several nods to some of the greats that came before him. Logic is still hungry, and YSIV will remind the masses that Bobby is not only the proven leader of his Ratt Pack, but that he wants props for being the best in his class.

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Earlier this year, Logic released Bobby Tarantino II, a mixtape follow-up to ’17’s acclaimed Everybody. That effort made Ambrosia For Heads‘ best-of-year list.