Method Man Is Back In The Lab & His New Song Goes At Full Speed (Audio)

Method Man has been working on music lately and announced that he’s dropping his next project Meth Lab II: The Lithium soon. During an interview with Billboard‘s Kathy Iandoli, the Wu-Tang Clan MC recalled some of the backlash that he received on the first edition of the release series, which mostly stemmed from the fact that he wasn’t present on many of the songs.

“People were upset,” Meth’ tells Billboard of the 2015 LP featuring Raekwon, Inspectah Deck, Mack Wilds, and Streetlife. “Every song on there had somebody else on it with the exception of one song that I did by myself.” That song was called “2 Minutes of Your Time,” but apparently the second edition of Meth Lab will have him a lot more present. In coordination with the interview, Meth dropped a single for his upcoming project. “Grand Prix” has him digging into the back of his playbook, and heralding a call from his Tical days. The track is a lot more grimy in nature and features bars more comparable to those on his debut LP. “I can rhyme my ass off, that ain’t nothin’ new,” he told the magazine. “People already knew that, but they just tend to forget. Every now and then you’ve gotta remind them.”

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Meth Lab II also enlists Anthony “Hanz On” Messado of Hanz On Music who helped cultivate burgeoning talent for the album, similar to the Tommy Boy Entertainment-backed first project of the series. It’s helping young rappers from Staten Island and other boroughs get a platform to showcase their talent and it’s what Meth is perhaps most excited about.

“It made it fun for me again,” he says as it gives him the opportunity to align with an indie brand and see how his influence will affect it. “I should have done this a long time ago, but everything comes in its due time and this wasn’t my idea. It was Hanz’s project. It’s still Hanz’s project. I do music because I want to now; not because I have to.” As for how the entire project will sound? “I want it to feel like it’s a TV show,” Method Man explained. “Either a bad one, or a good one, or a polarizing one. As long as it’s a show.”

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“Grand Prix” is produced by Dame Grease (DMX, Max B, JAY-Z). Read Method Man’s interview with Billboard.

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