Mistah F.A.B. May Be The Greatest Off The Top Freestyler EVER. This Will Sway You (Video)

Few MCs have bodied Sway In The Morning‘s “5 Fingers Of Death” challenge as many times as Mistah Fab. Given Sway’s Oakland, California roots, it’s only natural that he champions the former Mac Dre pupil. However, make no mistake — Fabby Davis earned his spot as a proven serial killer of freestyles. His 2018 in-studio Shade 45 display may be his best yet, as the famed improvisational MC goes completely off the top of the dome, and receives handfuls of topic prompts from Sway Calloway.

For 20 years, the MC whose name is an acronym for “Money Is Something to Always Have — Forever After Bread” has been feared on the mic. He is in the company of legendary off-the-top spitters with battling pedigrees such as Supernatural, J.U.I.C.E., Eminem, and King Los. However, on the recent episode of Sway, Fabby may have taken things to a new level.

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At 1:20, DJ Wonder drops the needle on Freeway’s “Flipside.” Fab says he doesn’t know any other way than to freestyle than go off the top of the head. Sway throws out the Oakland Athletics as a topic, and the Hyphy innovator digs in—referencing yesterday’s baseball scores, tomorrow’s schedule, the track he is rapping over, and people in the room. It is a combination of smarts and savvy that immediately makes this display take flight.

Then, Sway changes topics to Birdman and Lil Wayne. Wonder switches over to JAY-Z’s “Change The Game,” as produced by Bay Area’s Rick Rock. Alluding to the notorious kiss photo between the Cash Money co-founder and his former ward. Wonder moves into the Marley Marl production for Big Daddy Kane’s “Ain’t No Half Steppin’.”

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As Sway prompts a verse about Eddie Murphy’s newly-announced tenth child, Fab slides into a special pocket. “Shout out to Eddie, that ni**a got 10 kids, damn / That ni**a on his Marlon Wayans sh*t / Sit back and playin’ sh*t / Never swayin’ sh*t / I can take it off the brain sh*t / Never explain sh*t / Ain’t that the same sh*t? / Ni**as know the game shift…Rest in peace to my ni**a, f*ck John McCain, b*tch / No disrespect, yeah it is disrespect / We can get the best / You can get the tech / You can get the vest / You can get the Sway, or you can get the Tech / Wake up, bro / You don’t want to play the Wake Up Show.

As the beats continue to include Snoop Dogg’s “Ain’t No Fun” and Wu-Tang Clan’s “C.R.E.A.M.,” Fab drops even more substance. “Shout out to the youth, stop killin’ each other / I think it’s time we start healing each brother / I think it’s time we take back and start feelin’ with each other / Like, let’s take this block, and start building with each other / Let’s start takin’ the sh*t out the game / They take the sports outta the schools, pushin’ ni**as in the gang / Takin’ all the programs away in Oakland’s unified district / So we gotta get money and get back to our district / The villages can’t be built without the villagers / So back all of my homies with Dillingers / Huh, that’s your sister, my homie, you killin’ her / F*ck that white boy that killed Nia / All we wanted was some justice for Mumia / All we wanted was a little freedom for Mumia / All I wanted was my ni**as to live and I see ya’ / Rest in peace to all the fallen soldiers and the queen Aaliyah,” he raps, referring to her recent 17th anniversary of the singer’s death.

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Earlier this year, F.A.B. dropped Year 2006, Thug Tears, and Thug Tears 2.