Token Blacks Out On One Of His Most Lyrical Songs Yet (Video)

Since his emergence in 2016, the profile of Token continues to rise with his immense vocal talent as one of the fastest spitters in Rap. The Salem, Massachusetts-born MC seamlessly delivers a technical, multi-layered fusillade of bars with a great storytelling ability has organically grown his fan base, not solely based on strong marketing and promotions pushes via social media and radio. Plus, the fact that he’s still only 19 years old shows that he is just getting started in what could be a long career.

Token has released a series of thought-provoking videos, and, his impressive performance in a BET Hip Hop Cypher with DJ Premier has made Heads track his next move. His new video “Flamingo” doesn’t fall short of the hype.

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The video begins with a camera zooming in on Token sporting a hoodie and sitting between pews of a church, as an ominous acoustic Jazz bassline sets the tone. Before he verbally takes flight with his first verse, a random arm pops up in front of Token with its hand signaling a 1-2-3-4 as if the viewer should buckle their figurative seat belt leading up to him blitzing his way through the beat.

He explodes with his staccato flow to begin his rap: “I deserve a clap-clap / Let me get a flashback / I was selling weed to all the kids from out my backpack / Just to let the cash stack / Put that in the trash bag / Sleeping in my studio only ’cause I’m a lab rat / I was in my backpack always getting laughed at / Principal telling me I was going on a bad path / Now that everyone who was calling me a loser wanna be an entrepreneur telling me I’m a badass.

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Throughout the song’s visual, the viewer can see Token going through various scenes including sitting next to his new life as a Rap star dealing with a groupie in bed, rapping in front of a gospel choir, and literally soaring to new heights suspended in the air by a chain above the church. The latter scene will make the viewer rewind the clip as you’ll try to digest how insane he can spit while balancing his breath control. It makes one wonder how he doesn’t tap out from being physically conscious.

This “Flamingo” song and another example for how he’s a student of the game, yet opines that he’s “not the big man on campus, way too big for the campus.” Now that it’s back-to-school season, it’s fair to say that Token is making his Rap peers take notes at this lesson.