Homeboy Sandman & Edan Make An Anthem For Going Offline (Video)

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Earlier this year, Queens, New York native MC Homeboy Sandman and Big Apple-based producer/DJ/MC triple-threat Edan teamed up to drop a sleeper single just before summer: “#NeverUseTheInternetAgain.” The two connected on the banging track to drop facts on the dangers of social media, and their efforts in rejecting internet usage. Ironically, they served their PSA by way of hashtag, but the message was clear with Homeboy Sandman’s first verse in which he details his-once toxic relationship with the socials. “I used to waste time scrolling through my Facebook wall, 20 minutes of my life I could never get back / Couple times a day, before I knew I’d lost an hour, productivity’d be far away like Okinawa / Facebook friends are not my real amigos / Checking for comments and shares jacking off my ego / Anything to get a f*cking ‘like’ / One day I decided I should get a f*cking life.

Homeboy Sandman goes on with his second verse, further criticizing the those attached to the worldwide web and left the present behind. “Everyday the bullsh*t worsen / Order a pizza like a f*cking person / Match.com like an online pimp / Step to a girl in real life, you f*cking wimp.

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Although the single was relatively quiet upon release, the duo’s newest music video for the track is sure to turn heads. Directed by Steven Tapia, the video for “#NeverUseTheInternetAgain” follows the two MCs as they stroll through New York, slapping computers away from innocent bystanders and destroying various expensive connective devices. Edan’s dusty, sample-heavy production solidifies the track as an anthemic rebel yell against technology, and the repeated chant of “Never use the internet again!” serves as a mating call for those who share the idea. A cameo from Brooklyn rapper Your Old Droog can be seen at the 1:12 mark, whom Edan had previously worked with for the single “Help,” alongside Wiki.

Homeboy Sandman and Edan are currently prepping the release of their upcoming record Humble Pi, due out October 26, 2018 via Stones Throw Records. Peanutbutter Wolf’s label also put out other collaborative efforts with Homeboy Sandman with Lice and Lice Two: Still Buggin’, alongside Aesop Rock.

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#BonusBeat: Homeboy Sandman and Edan’s first single off Humble Pi, “Grim Sessions,” released at the top of August.