Jay Rock’s Freestyle Shows What A Migos Beat Sounds Like With Some G-Funk (Video)

Jay Rock’s sound seems to be evolving. In 2018, the Watts, California MC linked with producers Boi-1da, Vinylz, and CT for “Win.” Working with some technicians known for a hand in Drake’s discography (along with many other chart-toppers), the move showed some new range for an MC with a raspy vocal and punchy delivery. The song has become the solo anthem that the TDE veteran always wanted. The record, included on June’s Redemption album, also opened the most recent BET Awards performance. Few J.R. fans could have seen this coming a few years back.

The MC from the notorious Nickerson Gardens projects in Watts is not too big to still freestyle like he would have a dozen years ago. He hits Tim Westwood’s Capital Xtra show with some fresh bars. The British DJ lays down “Hot Summer,” a song by DJ Durel and Migos. Perhaps like “Win,” the beat is not the norm for Jay—especially based on his early mixtapes and first two LPs. However, the “King’s Dead” MC goes hard in the paint and makes the beat his own.

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Look inside the eyes of the real ni**as / Crack babies, Nyquil, Benadryl ni**as / Yeah, we been in this field, ni**a / I pop my collar like I’m pickin’ cotton, catch the still picture / Ain’t no bid’ness, ni**a, like show bid’ness / Don’t lose sight when you try to handle your own bid’ness,” he begins.

Later, Eastside Johnny raps, “Either play or pray for your team, red or blue / Make sure you got bleach to get rid of that residue / No chill, dealin’ with rule-breakers and vandals / Blowers in the bando’, fitted’s with the flannel / Eastside Johnny and them, a bunch of have-nots / Out the rental, force the blacktop, watch the back-drop / I represent for that Nickerson aspect / You ain’t down to toss the dice for yourself, you side-bet / We live threats / Gotta flip, take ’em all, f*ck ’em all, gotta ball—we stuck in that mindset / In the belly of the beast, it’s some sh*t you can dissect / Food for thought, reality, some sh*t you can digest.

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Before finishing, the Watts MC thanks Tim and Migos.

#BonusBeat: Jay Rock’s conversation with Tim Westwood during the appearance: