Slaughterhouse May Be Done But Joell Ortiz & Royce 5’9 Are Still Stomping Out MCs (Audio)

Even with the group apparently on ice, people are talking about Slaughterhouse right now, as much as ever. Eminem spoke about the group during part 2 of his week-long rollout of an interview with Sway. As recently as this weekend, Joe Budden is reflecting on the group dynamic on his podcast. KXNG Crooked has responded to both Em and Joe in an ongoing series of Instagram Live videos.

As for Royce 5’9 and Joell Ortiz? They are rhyming side-by-side on a blistering Apollo Brown beat built around a menacing Nas line. “Timberlan’d Up” uses Nas’ threat from “Made You Look” and sets the stage for the Brooklyn, New Yorker and the Motor City MC to tag-team the track.

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From jump, Joell Ortiz delivers statement bars with impact. He is not satisfied with the younger Rap landscape: “If this was my first impression, I’d be not impressed / This generation held hands and skipped a lot of steps / Don’t need a navi’ to find these people that I address / I had Rocawear in my dresser, these ni**as rock a dress / Let’s rewind to that play button that I would press / My Walkman never hopped off my hip, I’m Hip-Hop to death,” he raps. With fire in his belly, Ortiz spits about how he feels standards have dropped, and he and his ilk deserve way more recognition for their rhymes.

Royce follows, rocking a K-Solo “letterman”-style to kick off his verse. Then he begins his own offensive. “As far as war, I’m about as pre-pared as my grandma is for prayer / And I’m a rich player / No hand-outs at all, dog, I wrote this muh’f*cka gun stuck to me, watched the wheels fall off, then I ran out in despair / I’ll send ni**as at ya in broad-day just to air K’s / Triggers’ll click-clack ya, killers’ll sick-slack ya, that’s bare-faced / Your single exceeds your rep, you ain’t worth it to paraphrase / You ain’t worth a single step in my circular staircase,” spits the MC who dropped The Book Of Ryan earlier this year in addition to PRhyme 2.

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This single will appear on Apollo and Joell’s Mona Lisa (October 26), coming through Mello Music Group. With Joell is the biggest guest, the tracklisting as is follows:

1. ‘Brushstrokes’
2. ‘Reflection’
3. ‘My Block’
4. ‘Cocaine Fingerprints’
5. ‘Grace of God’ feat. DJ Los
6. ‘That Place’
7. ‘Word….’
8. ‘Decisions’
9. ‘Timberlan’d Up’ feat. Royce Da 5’9″
10 . ‘Come Back Home’
11. ‘Mona Lisa’

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#BonusBeat: The first single from Mona Lisa, “Decisions”: