Logic Releases A Fight Anthem For Those Who Have Been Bullied By Life (Audio)

Logic has been releasing a lot of music and videos as of late. He dropped Bobby Tarantino II earlier this year and is slated to drop YSIV (Young Sinatra 5) a week from today (September 28). Fans are now getting another preview of the later project with a new single. “The Return” is more of the Gaithersburg, Maryland MC on his braggadocio ish, but it reveals a lot of Logic’s childhood vulnerabilities.

Youngin’ wit’ a dream but nobody gave a sh*t about it / Ten years later, pick up a pen, write a hit about it / And back then I thought I’d be defined by how good I rhyme / Not like these rappers with sh*t flows, but look good online / Not made to feel bad for speakin’ bout this sh*t on my mind / Or called a fagg*t, a ni**er, a cracker who wish he was blacker / I wish I could face my homophobic, racist attacker / And smack the sh*t outta they ass as peaceful as possible / It’s highly improbable, it’s stoppable” he raps, confronting a painful past.

Logic Definitely Means It When He Says He’s The Greatest Rapper (Video)

I get up, when I’m down, had enough, almost drowned / When sh*t rough I get tough and when I’m beaten to the ground,” he also spits on the chorus. During the first verse, Logic does prove how things have changed. “Like God damn, I’m the motharf*ckin’ man / Used to call you a hater, you a mothaf*ckin’ stan,” he raps. “Ain’t nobody built himself a brand like me / I ain’t signed a shoe deal ’cause I’m waitin’ for Nike.

Produced by 6ix, “The Return” reveals Bobby’s zeal for cutting out the fake but also reserves himself for some reverence to God. Previously, Logic released a song and video for “Everybody Dies,” another track that seemed to get the rapper out of his more vulnerable shell and even claiming that he’s the best MC out.

Logic recently announced that the entire Wu-Tang Clan would be on his forthcoming effort. Bobby Tarantino will be linking with Bobby Digital and the rest of the Shaolin gang.