Logic Definitely Means It When He Says He’s The Greatest Rapper (Video)

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Last year, Logic dropped his first #1 album with EVERYBODY, which was included in Ambrosia For Heads‘ Top 15 LPs of ’17. This year, he hit the same mark on the charts with Bobby Tarantino II. However, the Def Jam Records star shows no signs of slowing down or waiting. Having recently released “Everybody Dies” from the upcoming YSIV, fans can now experience the visual version of the Gaithersburg, Maryland MC/producer’s single.

Conceptually, the video isn’t more than gritty performance shots and eerie lyric-capturing cutaways. However, it props up the notion that Logic isn’t playing, and his bars can body anyone’s out there. That’s a key takeaway from Bobby’s message in the song. What may have originally caught most people’s ear when the single was released was Logic’s recurring claim that he’s the greatest MC.

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Similar to Drake’s conversation-starting tool of claiming “I’m top two, and I’m not two,” Logic puts humility aside: “Now I am the master, see, that’s the way it has to be / My life is a movie, I’m so glad God casted me / I am not Top 10, more like Top 3 / I am not two ’cause nobody could top me.” It’s a departure from many Logic songs, which often take a calmer, less braggadocio approach. And the video for this one only helps relay those more in-your-face bars.

It seems that Logic demands to be in the same class as the Kendrick Lamar’s, Cole’s, and Drake’s. His commercial appeal definitely places him with one of Hip Hop’s biggest fan bases, but it seems like Sir Robert Bryson Hall II is most concerned with being perceived at the top, especially for his bars. Similar to his last month’s freestyle over the Method Man instrumental (a beat Logic has touched before), “Everybody Dies” seems to suggest that even when MCs are at the top of their game, they still yearn for competition and throwing a few elbows.

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Logic is set to drop his YSIV (Young Sinatra 5) project at the end of this month (September 28) and recently announced that the entire Wu-Tang Clan would be on his forthcoming effort. Bobby Tarantino will be linking with Bobby Digital and the rest of the Shaolin gang, and if he can go bar-for-bar with the Clan’s mightiest lyrical swordsmen, calling himself Rap’s best may not be a stretch after all.