Logic Says He Is The Greatest MC Of All-Time & He’s Serious (Audio)

In 2017, Logic reached a new plateau with his career. The Gaithersburg, Maryland MC/producer released his first #1 album in EVERYBODY and then dropped a corresponding #3 single to match. Recognized for his personal songwriting, Sir Robert Hall, III used his fourth project since partnering with Def Jam Records to reach others who could relate. “1-800-273-8255” proved that Logic is so gifted at songwriting that he could make a quadruple platinum moment in pop culture time by helping the world memorize the suicide-prevention hotline number. In 2018, with a second #1 on the charts (the Bobby Tarantino II mixtape), Logic mashed the gas and showed no signs of slowing down.

Roughly six months after that, Logic is back again—showing that he wants to be unmatched for consistency—a trait that reflects his quality and quantity at once. On September 28, Bobby will release YSIV. The fourth installment in the “Young Sinatra” mixtape series picks up at a place that Logic left in 2013, ahead of his high-profile deal and ascent from independence. As he says in his latest single, he is going back to the basement that birthed his illustrious career.

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Following last week’s “YSIV Freestyle,” it is clear that Logic is in a very competitive spirit. Although he was open about crediting J. Cole with a reason that he raps today during his EVERYBODY campaign (and the pair’s work on a hidden track), Logic is not shy about wanting Rap’s top spot. “Everybody Dies” only amplifies that theme, and this MC aims to nudge any contender on your list.

Now I am the master, see, that’s the way it has to be / My life is a movie, I’m so glad God casted me / I am not Top 10, more like Top 3 / I am not two ’cause nobody could top me,” spits the MC in the first verse, after recalling growing up poor in MD. In a feeling-himself spirit, he adds, “I just took a hiatus and wrote a novel, motherf*cker / I got more verses than the Holy Bible, motherf*cker /’Cause I’m sittin’ on five, unreleased albums / Greatest of all time, no lyin’, that’s the outcome,” he proclaims. Next, Logic states his niche to fit into many sub-genres of Rap. “I do it for the boom-bap, the Trap, and the radio / F*ck a fake fan, step into me, try to play me h*e / I make music for every genre, every occasion / My sh*t is amazin’, I’m blazin’, it’s insane.

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Although Logic wants people to challenge him, he uses the spirit in “Everybody Dies” to reach the people as he has on his biggest hits. The song has a catchy chorus, but Logic’s verses contrast in a stream of consciousness. “I had some sh*t I had to get off of my chest in that first verse / But this verse come first when it comes to importance of message / Do what you love, do what you love, do what–, do what–, do what you love / Don’t do it, do it, do it, for society / Break free from the cycle, don’t be scared to walk like Michael on the moon / Rattpack, beat up the tune so much more, it’s comin’ soon / Yeah I’ve been goin’, I’m already knowin’, Bobby been flowin’,” he says in the second verse. The MC is great at inspiring others, and he lunges for the G.O.A.T. jacket, he wants others to achieve their best too.

In a class of Kendrick Lamar’s, Cole’s, and Drake’s, Logic does not always get the mention. With the commercial trimmings of a Rap-Pop star and the focus on feeding his core fan-base the same kind of bars he gave them at the top of the decade, Bobby demands respect and title recognition. Like last month’s freestyle over the Method Man instrumental (something Logic historically favors), “Everybody Dies” seems to suggest that even when MCs are at the top of their game, some still must make a sport out of rhyming.

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The song is produced by Visionary Music Group regulars 6ix and CuBeatz.