Action Bronson Shows He Can Body A Beat With Soul (Audio)

Wasting no time, Hip-Hop heavyweight and TV personality Action Bronson has dropped the second single from his upcoming album White Bronco (November 1). It’s only been a couple of weeks since Bam Bam gave fans the psychedelic visuals for the album’s title track, so the Queens native is clearly trying to ramp up the anticipation for his first indie LP since 2011’s Well-Done with Statik Selektah. On “Prince Charming,” his newfound freedom is evident in his flow…as well as his singing.

Over a supremely soulful sound-bed chopped and looped by Knxwledge (of NxWorries), Bronsolino rips two and a half minutes of his trademark mix of humor and brolic bars. The way Knxw’ laces his unconventional drums over the percussion in the sample may not be of interest to the average listener, but the beat Heads will eat it up. And as far as the subject matter on “Prince Charming,” the Queens, New York native chef starts the joint by proclaiming that “he has found love.”

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He dedicates a couple of lines to the happiness he’s currently enjoying, but then quickly reverts back to good ol’ Baklava with lyrics like: “Me, by myself, is like the Four Horsemen / You’re just a poor sportsmen / Your sports car could be your coffin / The thought of revenge release endorphins / That make me feel just like I’m swimming with some dolphins (God damn).” It’s never a good idea to take this MC lightly.

It’s also worth noting that the single is accompanied by a bugged out little animation in the video. There is a hand sitting atop a camouflage heart, which itself is slumped over a veiny foot. The digits of the hand seem to each be shooting a different elemental energy (electricity, fire, gravity, air, and water), while the ticker is dripping blood. Judging by what he’s shared of his art on social media, these illustrations are definitely the work of the Albanian-American rapper.

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“White Bronco” is presently on Ambrosia For Heads‘ official playlist.