Cypress Hill Are Ready To Tell Their Story On THEIR Terms & They Need Help (Video)

Less than one month ago, Cypress Hill released its first album in eight years. With live musicians, recording sessions in Egypt, and years of cultivation, Elephants On Acid puts the production reigns back in group co-founder DJ Muggs’ hands. The results are a psychedelic-drenched affair from B-Real, Sen Dog, Eric Bobo, and the Soul Assassins O.G.

2018 is a meaningful year for the California-based collective. It was 30 calendars ago that Muggs (then of 7A3), B-Real, and Sen Dog formed DVX (Devastating Vocal Excellence). With Sen’s brother Mellow Man Ace also in the early mix, he stepped away for a solo deal with Capitol Records. The now-trio eventually rebranded to Cypress Hill and signed with Ruffhouse/Columbia Records. By the top of the 1990s, the collective exhaled a sound and style that has been popular and globally-influential ever since. Moreover, the squad became the first Latino Hip-Hop group to achieve platinum success, and reflect diversity on the charts and in the Rap mainstream.

Cypress Hill Says DJ Muggs Is Dead In Their Weirdest Video Ever

The story behind the Hill is coming to a documentary. Today (October 16), a trailer released with some words from B-Real. It shows archival interview and music video footage. The clips show a group that pushed for an accurate depiction of street-life in the music space. Decades before marijuana would be legal in California (and other states), the collective advocated on behalf of cannabis culture and freedom of expression.

Meanwhile, Cypress never chased the charts. Instead, they refused to compromise their sound or their message. Eventually, popular culture caught a contact, and has repeatedly come back for more. Now nine albums deep with handfuls of compilations, legendary tours, and a plethora of side projects, the Hill stands tall.

Cypress Hill Are Releasing Their 1st Album In 8 Years. The 1st Video Is A Trip.

To properly produce this documentary, Cypress are asking fans for $85,000 on an official IndieGoGo page. The group that is legendary for its fan interaction, marketing, and merchandise, there are plenty of perks too. From personalized phone greetings, hot-boxing a car with B-Real, and music video cameos, fans can step up and step into Cypress’ world.

On the documentary’s fundraising page, the group writes, “In 1988, Sen Dog, B-Real, and DJ Muggs didn’t look like any other Hip-Hop group, sound like anything on the radio, or smoke like any homie, skater, headbanger, or hippie. Three decades before the Latin hip-hop explosion of 2018, B-Real, Sen Dog, and DJ Muggs of Cypress Hill sparked a trip that left popular culture stoned, stunned, and staggering in anticipation for more.”

B-Real’s Next Solo Album Will Be Produced By Scott Storch

Those interested can fund the project, and help these Hip-Hop O.G.’s make a documentary that shows why they’re forever “Superstars.”