Edan & Homeboy Sandman Take Hip-Hop Underwater. Literally. (Video)

Queens, New York’s Homeboy Sandman has become a Stones Throw Records mainstay, and even though he has been dropping fly solo albums every one to two years faithfully since his debut the Nourishment (Second Helping) in 2007, he may be even better when paired up with other dope lyricists. His three Lice projects with Aesop Rock have shown that friendly competition drives his bars to new heights.

So, when it announced that Homeboy was doing a full-length LP with true school triple threat, Edan, it seemed like the perfect synergy. The MC/DJ/producer known as “The Humble Magnificent” has not released a proper studio album in over a decade, so for many Heads, this project has been highly anticipated. The first video single off the joint album, “#NeverUseTheInternetAgain,” was not only humorous, but a critical look at the state of human interaction in 2018.

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This week the duo dropped their second vid, and it’s a visual companion to “The Gut.” Being a lifelong digger, Edan always finds the fire samples, and the keys on this cut are no exception. And as a traditionalist, he tends to cook-up his beats on vintage equipment. They don’t sound old school per say, but they have that old school feel.

Digital Underground had “Underwater Rimes” on their debut, but these two are actually rhyming underwater in this Photo Rob-directed video.

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In an underwater living-room, they each take turns sitting in an old armchair and spitting their raps in bubbles. Sandman sparks it with: “I never say, never or die / I say never mind / Cats is trying to nickel and dime me / You and what army / Use your simple mind / Got fed up with nickels in the nick of time / That goes for nickel bags, that goes for nickel nines.” They also kick it on a New York City stoop while wearing heavy-rain gear, swimming goggles, and diving flippers. This twosome proves once again that you don’t have to take yourself so seriously to be dope.