J.I.D. Puts On A Lyrical Workout & All He Needs Is One Mic (Video)

Dreamville Records MC J.I.D., is gearing up to release his second album since last year’s debut, The Never Story, an effort that was featured on Ambrosia For Heads‘ Top 15 Albums of 2017. With the second installment of his DiCaprio series in tow, J.I.D. popped off the introductory celebration for his upcoming project with his punch-line drunk single release, “151 Rum,” just a few short weeks ago.

Continuing to promote the drop of his next project, J.I.D. jumps in the booth with the music platform COLORS to reveal his second single from DiCaprio 2, “Working Out.” Following fellow ATLiens 6lack and Dreamville associates, EarthGang, in the music video series, the latest visual features the 27-year-old front and center of a lilac backdrop, flowing as smooth as a hot knife through butter with nothing but a microphone to spread his message. Slicked over a dripping, piano drizzled instrumental, J.I.D. whips up a smooth tale about the art of the grind and the trials and tribulations that come with growing as an up-and-coming artist from Eastside Atlanta’s Zone 6.

J.I.D.’s Video Is An Animated Cartoon Tribute. But The Raps Are Very Real.

You been living with tunnel vision / You and all of your friends are like wonder women / Wonder Woman working for it if you ever wanted something / Searching for a purpose, I see what you on / Difference in how you be using your gifts / In the midst of the sh*t that you dealing with / Really specific, you pay attention, panoramic / Got the vision like a fer-de-lance, you attack and you kill it / Sinkin’ your teeth with the venom / Kinda like me with these instrumentals or the pen and the pencil / Or off the pimpin’ since been pimpin’, keep it sensible / Since you winning you a object of ridicule / Objects appearing closer than you ready for / Obviously you don’t know what’s ahead / But that’s the reason you can work ’til you get it,” raps one of the most nimble and exciting lyricists of the last three years.