Mysonne’s Statement On Rape Culture Shows He’s Smarter Than Most Senators (Video)

The Bronx, New York rapper Mysonne is in headlines once again for vocalizing in protest of Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination for Supreme Court Justice. The veteran rapper spoke with journalist Chuck Modi on his position in a video.

What Modi seemingly thought he was getting was a quick take on Mysonne’s opposition to the nomination of Kavanaugh. What Modi was instead given was a powerful statement by the artist and activist, who offered a striking take on rape culture, and what men need to do.

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“I’m here today because I thought it’s imperative that men don’t only stand with women, but they stand for women,” Mysonne says. “And by standing for women, we have to acknowledge that there’s a culture of sexual violence – rape culture – that men have benefited from. In order for it to change, men have to change it. We all look at [Brett] Kavanaugh, and we see some similarities with things that have happened in our lives. We’ve traumatized some women in a way that we might not even acknowledge because it’s normalized. And then you realize and listen to these stories of these women; you realize that they’ve been damaged as a result of the things that we took as normal. That comes with accountability.” He continues with a powerful declaration, “I might not have raped a woman, but I’ve done something that may have traumatized her as a man. That’s why I’m out here.”

Roughly an hour and a half after delivering his response to Modi, Mysonne was arrested in standing protest alongside a handful of other men who believe in gender equality, and their responsibility to be proper allies for women.

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Mysonne was arrested last month for protesting Kavanaugh’s nomination during official hearings in Washington, D.C. At the top of the year, the rapper was also arrested for protesting at an immigration rally.