Page Kennedy Sounds Off At The Notion That He’s Just “An Actor Who Raps” (Video)

There are no holds barred when it comes to Detroit, Michigan’s Page Kennedy, and his cutthroat lyrics. The actor and veteran MC has no qualms about laying his cards on the table and demanding all of the due respect.

In his latest video “No Cosign,” produced by Mic West, Page does just that. What begins as another breezy interview quickly turns into some unexpected shade. The mood instantly switches when the host (stand-up comedian/actor Chris Delias) denounces Kennedy from rapper to someone who just raps. He continues to suggest as long as P.K. has big name features on his albums then anything is possible for him. Hip-Hop connoisseurs can object that inaccuracy since Kennedy has made a name for himself with his continual flow of music releases. To mention, Straight Bars the mixtape includes only one feature out of the 11 tracks.

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Amidst the shade, Kennedy high tails with a screeching u-turn (pun intended) to confront the radio host/comedian at Los Angeles’ Comedy Store. In a blink of an eye the video is bumping combative beats and Kennedy is above city lights and skyscrapers, bar for bar, stomping the ground below.

Kennedy’s use of in your face, confrontational lyrics delivers his public service announcement loud and clear: “I get why they don’t want me on a track with them / ‘Cause they know that their fans ain’t coming back with them / So f*ck your cosign I ain’t payin ni**as no mind / Got a goldmine that’ll bust through your whole line.”

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Let’s not forgot the other side of Kennedy who utilizes his music as a tool of awareness to bring light to social injustices as he did in his recent “Miss You” video.