Last Week Jae Millz Took An L, But This Freestyle Shows He Bounced Back (Video)

Jae Millz was once considered one of the sharpest MCs on the streets of New York. That’s why, approximately 15 years ago, Puff Daddy took his Making The Band hopeful E Ness to see Millz for a battle. In the years since Jae was signed to Lil Wayne’s Young Money at a time when Weezy was dominating mainstream and mixtape Rap. Somehow the associations and exposure never led to the success worthy of Jae’s skills. Following a loss to K-Shine at Rare Breed Entertainment’s Lift His Soul 5 battle on early November 3, he is out to prove something on this visit to Funk Flex’s show.

Jae rhymes for nearly five minutes over two beats. The first instrumental utilizes a sample from The Mary Jane Girls classic “All Night Long” and, laid back or not, Millz goes in with lines like, “Gotta stay fresh, word to Doug E. / Baby, I know you love me / Feeling like Ace Boogie in the Bug’ie / Feeling like Illmatic Nas in his rugby / Might get the half moon next time Kenny cut me / I don’t know if that’s your main chick or your side piece / All I know is where her eyes be / She lookin’ like she wanna try me / I got her very smiley / ‘Cause I’m very vibey / Like a young Teddy Riley.

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As the second track comes on, Jae tells Flex, “I’m petty.” He’s referring to the fact that it’s the same joint K-Shine rapped over a week previous. He then addresses the young Harlemite directly, “They said I took an L, and I ate that / Doubters came at me sideways, I came straight back / Flex you brought that boy up here thinking he had some great raps / Not even a day later, y’all was like, ‘Yo, where Jae at?‘”

If that all wasn’t enough, for any naysayers asking where he’s been at, the lyricist born Jarvis Mills breaks down his life year by year from 1997 to present. It turns out he had a tumor that had to be surgically removed in 2015. There’s an odd mix of vulnerable honesty and outlandish braggadocio in this freestyle, but it somehow works.

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