Large Professor Confirms That Main Source Is Making New Music

In 1991, Hip-Hop group Main Source released a landmark album in the form of Breaking Atoms. The Wild Pitch Records release from Large Professor, Sir Scratch, and K-Cut formally introduced the music-buying community to a teenage MC named Nas, as well as other wordsmiths Akinyele, and Joe Fatal.

Apart from the memorable guests, the trio of Large Pro’ and his Toronto, Canada fraternal counterparts was great on its own merits. The LP included breakup anthem “Looking At The Front Door,” an indictment of police brutality “Just A Friendly Game Of Baseball,” as well as the Sister Nancy-sampling cool-out jam, “Just Hanging Out.”

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However, after follow-up 1992 success in the form of “Fakin’ The Funk,” Large Professor broke from Scratch and Cut. As P went on to mentor Nas and built a successful solo career, his vacant MC position went to Mikey D. Like Large, Mikey was a pupil of slain New York City producer/engineer/musician Paul C. (aka Paul McKasty). Also like P, Mikey was from Queens. In the transition, K and Scratch produced the group, in addition to their DJ roles. In 1994, Main Source released its second and final LP, F*ck What You Think. Like Large Pro’ had done, the members soon broke off to pursue solo interests in music.

In 2017, the founding members of Main Source reunited for a New York City performance and a special re-release of Breaking Atoms. This month, Large Professor, revealed that the group is slated to record together at the top of 2019.

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After accomplished mixmaster and producer DJ Scratch called for a proper Breaking Atoms follow-up on Instagram, Extra P revealed that the group has plans to give fans just that. The MC/producer/DJ confirmed that the collective has blocked off time in January to record an album in California. He also said that he personally would welcome DJ Scratch’s musical contributions. P added that if not for scheduling conflicts, that Rakim and Tragedy Khadafi (aka The Intelligent Hoodlum) would have been on Breaking Atoms. Large Professor worked with both of those MCs during his legendary Hip-Hop career.

In recent years, Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth were photographed in the studio together. In 2017, Leaders Of The New School’s Dinco D said the collective has newer reunion records in the can. Another ’80s-’90s outfit, the Jungle Brothers, are also reportedly making new music.

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In 2015, Large Professor released Re: Living. He worked with Mikey D on his 2008 LP, notably titled Main Source.