Reason Demands His Place In Rap With A New Video Freestyle

TDE’s Reason formally introduced himself earlier this year with the re-release of his 2017 mixtape, There You Have It. Since its arrival through Top Dawg Entertainment, he’s been on the road in support of label mate Jay Rock’s Big Redemption Tour, earning himself the respect of some of Hip-Hop’s most selective fans. His appearance on the soundtrack to Marvel Studio’s pop-culture phenomenon, Black Panther, cast him alongside Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott, Anderson .Paak, SZA and others on what is arguably the most popular Hip-Hop soundtrack in a generation.

The Carson, California rapper reached millions more through his October appearance in a BET Hip-Hop Awards cypher, where he showed off his clever wordplay. For his latest lyrical exercise, Reason visited XXL to deliver an a cappella freestyle for the outlet’s “What I Do” series. Shouting out his Del Amo stomping grounds, the 27-year-old MC and his signature gravelly voice leave little doubt as to his rightful place in Rap.

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Sh*t gettin’ realer, the flow gettin’ sicker / They want spit and they know I’m the ni**a / I got b*itches and pressure, they both gettin’ thicker / But the pressure like Domino’s, they know I deliver / Reason gon’ do it for the soul of it / Ain’t scared of layin’ in dirt, ni**a we rose from it / The game’s mine, it’s-not yours like nose runners / Swag drippin’ like water / So it’s ironic how these hoes runnin’ to a ni**a / Wait, h*es runnin’, swag drippin’ like water / Tryin’ not to become a hypocrite’s harder / ‘Cause I think about my unborn daughter / And how I never want to harm her,” he spits.

Reason continues to focus on women elsewhere in the freestyle, rapping “Mom’s been preaching lately how I should respect women / But, mama, they don’t respect their own.” Last month, Reason dropped a music video for “Situations,” the latest single from There You Have It and one which deals with relationships with women.

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Interviews with Reason are available on AFH TV.