Layzie Challenges Migos To Battle Bone Thugs-N-Harmony To See Who’s Best

Members of Bone Thugs-n-Harmony and Migos are at odds. At the center of the developing tension are Layzie Bone and Offset. Twice this year, and most recently in an XXL interview, the Migos member declared that his trio is “the greatest group in the world to ever exist.” Previously, he had made similar claims, specifying that it was true of all genres of music. The Atlanta, Georgia rapper’s bold words come in a year when the YRN threesome achieved their second straight #1 album on the charts.

Layzie took umbrage with the claims and used several Instagram posts tagging Migos and its three members to let them know that they are no match for the legacy of Bone Thugs-n-Harmony. “Nah homies, y’all ni**as [are] lil’ ni**as compared to [us],” said the Grammy Award-winning veteran MC out of Cleveland, Ohio. He added, “Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, we still all five live — Krayzie, Bizzy, Wish, Flesh and myself Layzie Bone — we the best, you dig?”

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Offset responded, belittling L-Burna that he is incapable of putting serious money where his mouth is. The Quality Control/Capitol Records superstar joked that Layzie lacked a million dollars to make the wager.

Today (December 18), Layzie pushed on, posting a 2017 video interview clip with Quality Control Music’s founders and the Rap Radar Podcast. In the video Pee, comparing Takeoff to Bone Thugs, and said that impressed him and partner Coach K to sign the group. Offset saw the social media post, and responded. He reiterated the financial narrative, suggesting “a bankroll challenge.”

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Layzie has responded to Offset in the comments, calling him out as well as others like him, who put bills above skills. “Naw, ni**a, that’s what’s wrong with y’all ni**as: y’all think money equals respect. It doesn’t. This is a skills challenge: me against you, and my group against yours,” dubbing it the “Best Group Ever Challenge.” He urged, “Get [your] bars up, youngin’. You gone’ need that bread for early retirement, boy.”


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Layzie posted the comment exchange, showing the public the discussion and attempting to take Offset (and Migos) to task.

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As the social media war over “the king of R&B” pushes along, a very real debate and potential Rap Battle surrounding the greatest groups may be taking shape.