Masta Ace, REKS & Rakaa Partner To Show They Still Live Hip-Hop To The Fullest

From three different cities, three respected MCs come together to do damage. Brooklyn, New York’s, Los Angeles, California’s Rakaa Iriscience, and Lawrence, Massachusetts’ REKS unite on the “To The Fullest” video. With the lyricists’ respective styles weaving seamlessly throughout their delivery, this arrangement lives up to its name. The song is part of the Because We Live It campaign, with the track produced by 12 Finger Dan, and cuts by Stevie Drumz.

The single is accompanied by a black-and-white filtered visual featuring boomboxes, graf’, and some dancing. The video introduces the track with a message emphasizing the importance of staying focused and being attentive in the name of creativity. With a white backdrop serving as the canvas, the contrast of the video not only focuses the viewer’s attention on the physical Hip-Hop elements of the vid’, but draws attention to the message the three MCs paint with the bristles of their bars.

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REKS goes first. Ace follows, spitting, “Not too many can do it like yours truly / That’s ’cause when I do it, I gotta do it fully / I mean goin’ all out, no frontin’, no slackin’ / They can feel it in the crowd, from front into back’in / You’ve never seen a greater man / Like an instrument, my voice gets into it, and I play the band / I’m like a horn section, you wantin’ protection / ‘Cause I hit you with rhymes, no one’s an exception.” Rakaa closes things out.

This year, Masta Ace & Marco Polo released A Breukelen Story. That album was named one of Ambrosia For Heads‘ Top 15 releases of 2018. Rakaa appeared on Evidence’s Weather Or Not, another LP from that esteemed list. Meanwhile, REKS dropped Order In Chaos.

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#BonusBeat: Ambrosia For Heads‘ recent conversation with Masta Ace and Marco Polo in Brooklyn. This video and countless others are also available on AFH TV.