Reason’s Video Shows The Nightmares That Come With Living A Gangsta Life

Reason re-mastered re-released his 2017 release There You Have It to make a formal introduction earlier this year. That was after he signed with TDE, whose executive team knew that it was a mixtape worth broadcasting. While 2017 is winding down, fans are still getting offerings off of the TDE rapper’s introduction to the larger masses. The Carson California native just released the visual for “Colored Dreams” from There You Have It and it’s one of his most vivid videos to date.

The Marcos Jay Teno and Jessica Lorenzo-directed visual begins with Reason sitting in a prison cell with a notable display of regret. As the song and video builds, viewers start to see how it all came to be with the MC being locked up. He continuously apologizes to his mother for his actions as numerous murders play themselves out. Perhaps most vivid is toward the end, when it shows his mother all alone, reading a letter she received from Reason and tears up.

Reason Demands His Place In Rap With A New Video Freestyle

Last Month, Reason was featured in a XXL magazine freestyle video as a part of their “What I Do” series where he spit some pretty braggadocio bars. Interestingly, he also focused on women and his relationship with them. “Mom’s been preaching lately how I should respect women,” he raps. “But, mama, they don’t respect their own.” Reason was also a part of October’s BET Hip-Hop Awards cyphers, joining Flawless Real Talk of Providence, Rhode Island, Casanova of Brooklyn, Shawn Smith of West Philadelphia, and Phora from Los Angeles.

Videos with Reason, including an episode of Where It All Began, is available at AFH TV.