2 Chainz Wakes His New Year Up With A FLY Freestyle (Lyric Video)

2 Chainz is one of several high-profile artists did things different in 2018 than in years past. While many of the Atlanta, Georgia veteran’s friends were recording out in Utah and Wyoming as part of a series of Def Jam albums with Kanye West at the helm, Titty Boi dropped a series of short projects. This included the four-song The Play Don’t Care Who Makes It and Hot Wings Are A Girl’s Best Friend. He also made “Bigger Than You” with Drake and Quavo, in addition to appearances on albums by PRhyme, Swizz Beatz, Too Short, Bun B, and Eminem’s “Chloraseptic (Remix)” to kick things off.

Chainz is kicking off 2019 his way, with a new freestyle and lyric video. “Stay Woke” begins referencing Ghost Town DJ’s’ “My Boo (Hitman’s Club Remix),” then cuts to the instrumental from the decade-old “Swag Surfin” by Fast Life Yungstaz. 2 Chainz takes F.L.Y.’s beat and delivers a fly freestyle that does not sound dated in the least.

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Ballin’ like Kentucky / Woke up, then you lucky / You can tell I ain’t stressed / Chains on the dresser, had to get that off my chest / Achoo, you know I’m blessed / I play my part, I ate, I starved / If knowledge is key, I got an automatic start / It’s the South Atlanta Don, leave ’em leanin’ in the stall / With a needle in they arm, yeah, these bars are fentanyl / Yeah Streets is Vietnam, yeah, please don’t be alarmed / Yeah, when I was in a wheelchair, I treat it like a lawn chair / Optimistic man, you must have missed it, you know the statistics / Die or go to prison, inside the Wraith like the solar system,” he spits, mixing some wisdom mixed with the bragging and similes.

2019 may see plenty more from 2 Chainz.