Elzhi, Ras Kass & Large Professor Rap About The Enduring Problems From Reaganomics

Some really good Hip-Hop music can be found on producer albums. From unknown beat-makers to those getting commercial placements, these compilations of tracks can often feature a wide variety of MCs that also range from underground to legend.

In this case, relative newcomer B Leafs has brought together two different eras of dope lyricists for a single titled “Reaganomics.” The spitters here include legends Ras Kass, Large Professor, and Elzhi, along with New England stalwart, M-Dot. All four kick bars about the impact that Ronald Reagan’s two terms in office as a President, and his trickle-down economic policy. The rhymes intersect with an organ loop and tight scratches by DJ Slipwax.

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While each of the word-wielders has memorable lines on the subject matter, it’s El’s opening bombardment that deserves to be quoted most, “It all stem from Reaganomics / That’s breaking eggs to make some regular omelettes / Reporting overdoses by rich kids who beg for comics / While their parents marvel at the D.C. / Propaganda / With Nancy Reagan, L.A.’s top commander / That’s when Buster Douglas dropped Evander / Holyfield / There was the time that white America thought drugs only killed / Black folks…” The Detroit veteran breaks his rhymes up with impeccable timing to keep the flow interesting.

Ras Kass drops a verse next, blaming crack cocaine sales on the economic plan that pinched the poor. M-Dot follows with a great cadence. Large Professor, whose career started as Ronny was still in office, closes things out.

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Leafs’ dropped two single last Fall: “Been Waiting” featuring Termanology and Masta Ace, and “Flawless” featuring Raekwon, Skyzoo and REKS. Considering the line-ups, it goes without saying that both are worth a listen. B debut album The Horizon drops on January 29, 2019.

As a note, Elzhi has a special Elmatic concert planned in New Orleans, Louisiana on February 16.