Evidence Explains How Life Completely Changed While Making Weather Or Not (Video)

Almost a year ago to date, Rhymesayers MC Evidence released his third studio album, Weather Or Not, featuring DJ Premier, Alchemist, Styles P, Rapsody, and his Dilated Peoples cohorts. Shortly after the drop, Ambrosia For Heads’ Editor-In-Chief, Jake Paine, joined Ev on a Manhattan hotel balcony to discuss the album in full.

In a clip from the interview, Paine asks Evidence about the role of fatherhood in his life, and how it affected his process in creating Weather Or Not.

Evidence Explains How Weather Or Not Is A Personal & Therapeutic Album (Video)

“Somebody was pointing out to me earlier in an interview I had said many years ago where I had said that I think I will be able to outlast a lot of my friends ’cause I don’t have kids and I don’t have a wife. So, I’m just gonna keep on running forever. But here we go. Yeah, it’s taught me a lot. Probably been really the most pivotal couple years of my life. You know, I made this album previous to and then having my son, and then my son’s mother dealing with a sickness on top of all that. So, just to talk about his birth, with it being complete, I went from the highest high to the lowest low. So I made this song that goes on the end of the album, which my son is on, and I really didn’t mean for this to be a focal point of most interviews. But I realize that if I make the music, I’m going to have to talk about it. And so what was happening is I have my son and he was trying to breast feed and [they] found breast cancer in his mother. So these whole couple of years have just been like extreme highs and extreme lows. It definitely prohibited the normal workflow that I work in when I make an album.”

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Evidence continues, “So in, “Throw It All Away,” I said ‘No son, but I fathered this verse.” She wasn’t even pregnant. That’s how long I’ve been working on some of these songs. So having my son is the biggest blessing. It’s given us more strength than anything. And at the same time, keeping him away from everything we’ve been going through has been a real challenge. And it’s been real. It’s forced me to do a little growing up. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

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