Jamla Is The Squad & This Freestyle Shows Why Reuben Vincent Made The Team

Jamla Records is a brand that Hip-Hop Heads can trust. Since its earliest days, 9th Wonder’s label has put its stamp on a host of talented artists that care about music. In 2018, Jamla Is The Squad II showed a plethora of talent on the imprint the includes Rapsody, Elzhi and Khrysis’ Jericho Jackson duo, Heather Victoria, GQ, and Actual Proof. Since 2017, Reuben Vincent has become one of the newer voices down with the team. He released Myers Park that year, and made some recent and meaningful contributions to the late ’18 compilation. Vincent recently appeared on The Block 92.7 FM in Charlotte, North Carolina. At the Live With Ace radio show, the hometown hopeful shows exactly why he made the team.

Over Mobb Deep’s Havoc-produced “The Learning (Burn)” instrumental the 18-year-old spit-kicker goes for his. He’s got a flow reminiscent of 50 Cent, who he even name checks in his lengthy freestyle. Reuben busts for just under three minutes and then kicks another minute worth of bars just to put an exclamation point on it. It’s fitting that he’s wearing a fleece with a lumberjack plaid pattern because he stays chopping the average MC down in this display.

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Vincent has several memorable lines here, but he demonstrates his skill and conveys a lot about himself in this dope run. “Southern slang in me, need a grill for my crooked teeth / Southern thang with me, know I lead like I’m Booker T. / Mr. T-strong, I was like lost like I’m Mr. Cheeks / Clips got malice I’ma show you how to push a T / Tweaking on my enemies / Asking God for bigger things / Take Donald Trump and give us back Mac Miller, please / Already know I let the mac go endlessly / For any of my family / Jamla is the winning team,” he raps, before adding that another album will arrive soon.

“Instagram and some Twitter likes / We don’t care about none of that when we living life / And I ain’t jumping into things if I ain’t feeling right / And I’m a young Ghost’, so look at me in a different light / Spit crazy like Rakim in the ‘80s / For the cash you already know I’m finna dash like Stacey / Block boys who shooting, I ain’t talking about JB / Warriors who 35, shooting like KD.” He references Ghostface Killah, Rakim, Stacey Dash, Blocboy JB, and Kevin Durrant all in eight bars.

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He also proclaims himself the best MC within his age-group, adding that this display is off-the-top.