Ghostface Killah Is Kicking New Flavor In His First Video With CZARFACE

With their full-length collaborative project dropping in just a few days (February 15, 2019), CZARFACE and Ghostface Killah have released the first music video from their upcoming collaboration album, Czarface Meets Ghostface.

The Silver Age Records LP marks the sixth full-length release from the trio consisting of producer/DJ 7L and MCs Inspectah Deck and Esoteric and is the second in their series of superhero team-ups. The trio previously joined forces with the iconic MF DOOM for 2018’s Czarface Meets Metal Face, and have now brought in the legendary Ghostface Killah for a similar team-up. While G.F.K. previously made Wu Massacre with Raekwon and Method Man in 2010, this marks his first full-length collaboration with fellow Wu-Tang Clan member, Inspectah Deck.

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The music video for the song “Mongolian Beef” continues CZARFACE’s trend of using animation as opposed to live-action. Using magazine cut-outs to animate the three MCs, as well as the references in their punchlines, the video features the Czarface and Ghostface characters wreaking havoc on unhealthy fast food joints in their Chinese food truck. The chaotic video matches the energy of the song itself, as it’s a full-on rhyming onslaught as soon as Ghost’ sets off the cypher. Between the legendary Staten Island, New Yorker’s intricate rhyming, Rebel I.N.S.’ standout punchlines, and Eso’s witty wordplay, the song proves to be a healthy serving of raw lyricism, with a beat that sounds very much inspired by Wu-Tang with the dramatic string samples.

Previously, this fearsome foursome offered fans first single “Iron Claw” in the closing days of 2018 to announce the collabo’. Like all projects for 7L, Esoteric and Deck, Czarface Meets Ghostface will be available on vinyl, CD, and has an array of merchandise options.