Billy Danze Is Releasing A Solo EP But Lil Fame Helps Him Mash Out This Song

Some Heads have stated in recent years that Hip-Hop seems to lack a certain rowdy spirit and energy. So who better than the group that epitomizes that hardcore East Coast strain of Rap to step up? After all, the M.O.P. has kept its Timberland boots planted on the face of Rap for more than 25 years. This Brownsville, Brooklyn outfit also known as the Mash Out Posse has been yelling aggressive lyrics and backing their bars with fervor since To The Death.

The last decade has seen M.O.P. drop three albums (Foundation in 2009, Sparta with the Snowgoons in 2011, and Street Certified in 2014). Following some high-profile and major label tenures, this duo has stayed busy. Lil Fame dropped a collaborative album with Termanology in 2012 titled Fizzyology, which of course had an obligatory M.O.P. cut titled “Crazy.” And then last year both Fizzy Womack and Billy Danze dropped singles off their first ever solo projects. Fame gave us “Say Nothin” off his upcoming Walk Of Fame, and Danzini’s sparked his 6Pack EP off with “Halle Berry” (embedded below). That six-song effort arrives March 8.

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Now Bill drops a new single titled “Ain’t Gone Do Sh*t.” It sees the reunion of The Marxmen with longtime affiliate Teflon. Heads know fellow Brooklyn native Tef’ from his menacing song intro’s, his appearance alongside JAY-Z on cuts like “4 Alarm Blaze,” and his solo Relativity Records LP from 22 years ago. Producer Quincy Tones (Royce 5’9, Busta Rhymes, Masta Ace) clearly knows what sound these Planet Brooklyn representatives excel on. He brings raw, slapping drums and pairs them with contrasting, high-pitched male vocal samples. In other words, this joint knocks.

This song establishes two things: Firstly, there are too many social media gangsters in 2019. Secondly, the song cements that it’s M.O.P. and First Family for life. In fact, Danze ends the cut by letting listeners know how deep it goes, “It behooves those to understand that the first time you do a solo album, mothaf*ckas would think that for some reason there was something wrong with the group. But what they fail to realize [is] that when it comes down to M.O.P., it’s M.O.P. for your whole life, M.O.P. for your afterlife, M.O.P. for your childrens’ life, and they childrens’ childrens’ life. World famous M.O.P. Forever.” At a time when M.O.P. was recently photographed in the studio with Laze E. Laze, Foxx, and DJ Premier, this song shows that this outfit sticks to its winning script.

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#BonusBeat: This month’s “Halle Berry” music video, another inclusion on 6Pack.