Yelawolf Says He’s The Muhammad Ali Of Rap In A Heavyweight Freestyle

As the release of the third installment in his Trunk Muzik series steadfastly approaches, Yelawolf is back to remind Heads that feels he can spit circles around these regular Rap cats. In the past two months, the Gadsden, Alabama MC and Slumerican Records has released two scathing freestyles with his “Gangsta Walk (Get Buck Freestyle),” and most recently with Catfish Billy’s “Billy Goat Freestyle.”

Featured prominently writing and rhyming in stark black-and-white visuals, Yelawolf’s latest freestyle recording pops off from the jump. Over a pacing Bryan Jones’ instrumental Yela rips, “Alright DJ, come take the wheel / And I’ll set this f*cker off / Pull Catfish up out the hills / That’s how I would do your job / You don’t want no problem here / Not the line you want to cross / Take the rapper over here / And I’ll feed him to the dogs / Just because, just be cautious / Look at you like, ‘Nah cuzz’ / Mad ’cause we got b*tches licking lips and throwing bras up Got no time to talk, cuzz / When I snap, it’s all good / If I cut you down then best believe I’m throwing sawdust.”

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In the next few bars, Yelawolf unpacks his plan to cement his status as a cool-handed Rock star in the Rap game. “The plan is amplified / Fans are F’n tired / By the need, provided me / Allow me to open the / Show is over, no promoter / Locally and overseas / Would tell you different, I’m a time bomb / Tick, tick, tick, tick, I’m an icon / Slumerican tossed the barbarian off the bar area / Plus the dyed hair blonde / B*tch over there got a hips and air / And a t*ts on my way, I’ma dip in the pear, my lick gonna say / That I’ma smash it, attack it, in the back till she’s pissing the bear / Fist full of hair at your crib and a lounge hair you a thizz over there / Face shot to the clear, she dropped on the legs, yeah, and I let her kiss on the head / Hold my beer, don’t hold my breath / Hold my weight, showing flex / I’m so hard, diamonds envy ’round me / Look I’m so cool, I got my own climate.”

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Later, Yelawolf weaves in a few more jabs from his jaw, maintaining that his double-time flows hit like the late, great Muhammad Ali. “I write my flows like a fighter / These are punches being thrown / To your nose, duck and jab / Leaving blood patterns on the clothes / I might be white Muhammed Ali / As-salamu alaykum, here for the feast / But I couldn’t be a Muslim, that could never be / ‘Cause I’m still pissin’ in a barrel full of bees / Like a chair for a bear, I’ma need a bigger seat / To sit cross-legged, I swear I’m a chi / Hey I hose off, staring at me / Better mourn the cow, bury the beef / I clip your wings like there’s no air beneath a parakeet / Give you some rings around your eyes like I said, ‘Marry me’ / Get to the bottom of it like Titanic, very deep / Make you a model puppet, like Jim Henson every week / Sesame Street, yes sir ‘Big Bird’ / Leave ’em black and yellow, like I live in Pittsburgh / Sh*t turds, with quick words, throw bricks of wit, this pick is yours / All my fans, they pump the fist, get lit, and flip the bird / All my jams, they bump and kick and I just stick the words.” Yela’ mentioning bees is an allusion to Ali’s famed rhyme about his style.

The veteran MC feels as though he is the champ, returning to the ring.