Exile, Choosey & Aloe Blacc Hit The Switch For A Lowrider Love Letter (Video)

Rap music and car culture have a long and colorful history together, especially as it pertains to lowriders. There are iconic images and videos involving Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, Tupac, King T, Cypress Hill, MC Eiht, Mack 10, Kid Frost, Coolio, The Game, and others forever etched in the memory of Hip-Hop Heads. Even outside of the West Coast, these custom cars that often feature hydraulic suspension, small white-wall tires, and perfectly-polished wheels are in the consciousness of Rap culture. While lowriding predates many pillars of Hip-Hop, both forms of expression stem from hobbyists using available resources to make stylish statements about themselves, their neighborhoods, and pride for their people.

Exile has worked closely with and produced some critical voices in independent Hip-Hop. This list includes partnering with Blu on a series of releases beginning with 2007’s Below The Heavens, before widely introducing Fashawn two years later on Boy Meets World. Since then, the Los Angeles, California-based producer and DJ has worked on albums by Big Sean, Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa, and Pharoahe Monch. This decade, in particular, Ex’ has shined a light on San Diego, California’s Rap talent. Choosey appeared on E&J, the album from Exile and Johaz’ Dag Savage duo, in addition his solo Left Field. However, now he is getting his look via this Friday’s (March 29) Black Beans. Exile handles the sonic half of the upcoming Dirty Science Records LP.

Blu & Exile’s Video Imagines Their Playful Chemistry 20 Years Before Below The Heavens

Choosey is laid-back and soulful in the LP’s first single. The video for “Low Low” celebrates the lowrider, but in a way that is much more Skee-Lo than N.W.A. Twenty-four years to the day after Eazy-E’s death, Choosey raps about the automobile he would have, if only he could afford it. This dream dates back to building models and watching those in his ‘hood show out. Featuring Exile’s Emanon partner Aloe Blacc on the song and in the visual, this Latin-tinged track is a love song to a car, a woman, and an authentic L.A. pastime. In the footage, Heads can see a ’53 Chevy convertible, a ’64 coupe, and a ’63 Impala drop-top that Aloe maneuvers in the closing sequence. Other cars, including a ’69 station-wagon, a ’59 with teardrop lights, a ’65 coupe, and a ’61 bubble-top make appearances too. Apart from the vignettes of classic Chevys, a modern Lincoln achieves a turn in three-wheel motion.

“My biggest influences have been people who spoke from the heart, and what’s most honest about me is my heritage,” Choosey says in a statement. “There’s a stigma that Black and Mexican cultures don’t get along, but I wanted to show the beauty in being a product of both.”

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Exile’s beat is equally informed by those legendary Lowrider  music compilations. This dreamy song is all about culture, aspiration, and style.