Daylyt’s Blistering New Freestyle Becomes A History Lesson

Daylyt may be known best for his work as one of Hip-Hop’s premiere battle rappers since he began on YouTube back in 2010. In recent days, the Watts, California MC has spent his time prepping the release of his latest album, Awake The Kids, which dropped late this past January. About the project, Daylyt wrote a message to his fans on Instagram noting, “With so much negativity in the world this early in the year we must help combat that agenda with positivity And hive vibes! Feed the mind!”

In promotion of the aforementioned project, Daylyt is making his rounds, and busting down verses. Alongside DJ Sourmilk and Justin Credible at Power 106, Daylyt comes to the booth with more than just a promo plug for the LA Leaker squad. For a blistering four minutes, Daylyt brings the heat inside their Los Angeles studio for an all-new freestyle.

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Daylyt’s “Feed the mind” mantra that he posted on Instagram for Awake The Kids earlier this year stays in line with his latest message. Throughout his impassioned rhyming, Daylyt dives back into the history books, decoding and reanalyzing lessons learned to reveal the truth and true nature of the world as he sees it.

Daylyt raps with fervor. “Sell us free energy / Bless the Tesla coil, Edison / Light still here, but it’s evident / How I stutter / We can take flight if we get the Wright Brothers / Plain sight, write on you all / Hieroglyphics what we fantasize / To get the truth, we must analyze / History, Reversing the map with a man standing / Go to camp it while there’s pyramids in the Grand Canyon / But they dead, see / All this sh*t a scam / Like how did they drain all of this water? Ni**a, damn / I do this / We been assed-out and y’all knew this / They sell us gold / B12 blockin, get it? Sell us clothes / Son think he powerful, tell us what this belief is / They’ll put Blackface on everything but Jesus / Coors, Kors zeitgeist, Roman Catholics who killin sh*t / How we got immigration when ICE really the immigrant.”

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Daylyt’s bars seek to embolden the people with new knowledge throughout. Here, the Spawn masked MC let’s the women of the world know their true place in history, and the strength with which they hold to empower the youth.

“We waking up, and yeah, we look alive / The library filled with a book of lies / History, don’t mention nary a queen we should idol / Take the woman out the word of the Lord, get it Bi-ble / All this sh*t a trap, it’s just to keep you stuck / Tell you that Eve f*cked up the world that’s just to keep you f*cked / Nicki Minaj, it’s all fake butt, girls wake up / Never act silly, shouts out to Ill Camille and Rapsody / Real queens who fight for our system, push the agenda / Don’t be Barbie’s, don’t do parties, no VIP with Bacardi / Storm, thunder coming / Show the young queens they can be Wonder Woman / Spazz though, every line the truth / If I come in last, so embrace it / Them higher-ups’ll never show their faces / Klan plan, those who run the world really racist / It’s a new case / Oh my, with Flo Rida and toupee’s / What the f*ck now / ‘Thotiana’ buss-down it’s a Blueface, wait / Victory sold from the victors, the crack killin’ slow / My ni**a Soul, tried to lift em see Aboriginal / Been Black and crackin’ through syntax / The flow perfection, wait / They feed on the kids in the hood, you get it? Section 8.”

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In or out of the Battle ring, Daylyt is still coming to compete.