Homeboy Sandman & Edan Rap And DJ In A Way That Will Make Hip-Hop Pioneers Proud

Last year, Queens, New York MC Homeboy Sandman connected with triple-threat DJ/rapper/producer, Edan to serve up some Humble Pi, courtesy of Stones Throw Records. With their joint LP, the highly-talented duo proved they were bred and conditioned into Hip-Hop, showcasing some of the sharpest rhymes delivered in a classically, over Edan’s dusty and far-reaching beats.

Individually, the two weave through rhymes, but pass the mic like the Beastie Boys, showing undeniable energy and chemistry. The dynamic of the group is not unlike those of pioneering Hip-Hop crews. There are inner-locking rhymes, technically-advanced patterns, and subject matters pulling from both reality and two colorful imaginations. For evidence, look no further than the pair’s new “HIP OPsession (live session),” by ARTE.

Edan & Homeboy Sandman Take Hip-Hop Underwater. Literally. (Video)

Up above, we see Homeboy Sandman kicking a freestyle over Edan playing “Mr. Sandman” on a xylophone. Sandman starts off with a simple rhyme leading with a nod toward the childlike instrumental: “Oh don’t you know, Humble Pi‘s a really great disc / Generate list, tip your waitress,” before diving into a heady, multisyllabic set of bars.

Edan joins in on the fun, and as Sandman keeps the beat with a snap of his fingers, Edan spits: “F*ck the Xylo’ / Bust a stylo / Ain’t done a show out, not in a while, so / Dust the cape off, f*ck the face-off, this is in tandem / This is in random.” Sandman doesn’t miss the cue, as they both go toe-to-toe, spitting bars back and forth. After the two pass the ball for a while, Edan and Sandman trade off cutting and spinning some records, before leading into a few quick-fire verses from an unreleased track titled “Don’t Do It.” On the mic and behind the decks, these two artists are in flow.

Homeboy Sandman & Edan Make An Anthem For Going Offline (Video)

Although the pair is usually a comedic buddy duo, Edan and Homeboy Sandman surely prove they’re the professors in this game, and they’re ready to school any MC who challenges them.