J.I.D. Has Put Together The Anti-Drug Anthem Of The Year & It’s Dope

One of the highlights of J.I.D.’s late 2018 DiCaprio 2 album is “Off da Zoinkys.” The Christo-produced song calls for sobriety, while focusing simply on dope deliveries and substantial bars. “Y’all ni**as need to lay off the drugs, some of y’all need to lay off the dope /My ni**as gettin’ it straight off the boat / Pure cut, put it straight to your nose / I ain’t nosy, but I know what I know / Mr. Know-It-All, ‘Oh here he go’ / I’m the G.O.A.T,, I never go with the flow,” begins the Dreamville lyricist in the first verse.

Later in the double-rhyming display, J.I.D. looks within to make a call for clarity. “I’ma go ahead and lay off the Xans, I’ma fall back sippin’ the lean / I gotta make sure my vision is clear, oh God, no, it’s not what it seems / Six, five, four, one, two, three .45 tote, you know me / You don’t want smoke, so what it’s gon’ be? / Gotta watch what you say when you lookin’ at me / Lookin’ at God, lookin’ for leaders, lookin’ for keys / Look at the pain in your eyes, ni**a, look where we been / Look at our wins, look at our sins, and look at our skin / I’ve been on a frenzy binge try’na get me a Benz / And then your fuzzy-ass dance wanna f*ck up the ends / Oh God, no, where are my friends? / Lord forgive me, yeah, I need to repent / Mind blurred, need to lay off the drugs, yeah God, they ain’t prayin’ enough / Ni**as dyin’, we ain’t sayin’ enough.” Beyond just sobriety, the song calls for more awareness and less dumbed-down self-indulgence.

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The just-released video is an extension of the song’s premise. J.I.D. makes a few subtle cameos in the background of a video, as well as on a remixed peanut-butter label. However, the main character enjoys his substances from the minute his day starts. He shows what living can look like when you’re on a trip or in a daze. The video is nicely choreographed and captures the spirit of a song that’s informed without being preachy, and smart without compromising its bounce.

More notably, the video nods to Robert Altman’s 1973 The Long Goodbye film, starring Elliott Gould. It was an adaptation of Raymond Chandler’s novel of the same name. Just as this character does, the film’s protagonist (“Phillip Marlowe”) sits with his cat and watches a party of beautiful women from his window. In the music video, J.I.D. is enjoying that gathering.

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DiCaprio 2 includes appearances by Method Man, Joey Bada$$, J. Cole, 6LACK, A$AP Ferg, Ella Mai, and BJ The Chicago Kid. He also recently appeared in the video single for Boogie’s “Soho.”