Mick Jenkins Makes A Song About Seduction With Consent (Video)

27-year-old Chicago rapper Mick Jenkins released his latest studio album, Pieces Of A Man, in October of last year to much critical and fan acclaim. Named after Gil Scott-Heron’s LP of the same name, Pieces Of A Man pulled together an impressive supporting entourage (Ghostface Killah, Black Milk, KAYTRANADA) to accompany Jenkins’ genuinely laid back songwriting style, while further showcasing an artist who can balance lyricism with a somewhat reserved demeanor.

One of the standout tracks from the record is “Consensual Seduction,” which is a play on Snoop Dogg’s “Sensual Seduction.” The song is a direct comment on the #MeToo movement, and portrays Jenkins as a character who yearns for consent from a potential partner. Today, Jenkins debuts the single’s music video, which shows the rapper spending some time in Portland, Jamaica, puffing on weed, drinking Red Stripe, and eyeing a Caribbean woman nearby.

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Jenkins paints a picture of consent clear as day within the first few bars of the track: “I ain’t got intentions beyond what you mention, what you want from me? / I can see little inclinations, look like invitations / More low-key with my natural nature, I will be all on that in like three seconds / Flat out patient, no, don’t patronize me if I need clarity, I mean unspoken understandings are indeed rarities / I need you to say it out loud.

Throughout the track, Heads can hear Jenkins’ character contemplate moving forward without verbally hearing his partner directly verbalizing what she’s seeking. “I can cut the tension in the room with a butter knife,” Jenkins repeats throughout the track, before Corinne Bailey Rae takes over for her beautifully sang hook. The statement “say it out loud” acts as an ad-lib, a command, and Mick’s character yearning for acceptance.

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Director Mahaneela shared a reference guide for the latest music video on Twitter.

Mick Jenkins is currently on tour in Europe in support of Pieces of a Man.