Big K.R.I.T. Shares Some Positive Energy With Help From Jill Scott (Video)

At the close of 2018, Big K.R.I.T. wrapped up a rather quiet year with five new songs, released in two doses. Entering 2019, Krizzle packaged these and three other new songs as TDT. Like all of the K.R.I.T. releases in the 2010s, this collection continued to permeate the consciousness of Rap fans weeks and months after it arrived. Some of the songs show his influences from Texas and Bay Area Hip-Hop while others kick messages very aligned with the current headspace of the independent stalwart. The offering arrived roughly a year after he made 2017’s “Best Rap Album” according to Ambrosia For Heads readers.

“Energy,” which opens TDT, is indicative of what K.R.I.T. wants his fans to feel in their hearts. Produced by former Timbaland right-hand sound creator Danja as well as Rico Love, the record is loud and proud. The Mississippi reader tells all that he relies on their energy to create his best work. “I’m doing the most / In the middle of the road or runnin’ the globe / I’m fightin’ for those to give everything to get back what they owe / So close, don’t fold, live bright, live bold / Kick back, get goals, light it up, light it up for yours.” The bars are inspirational from an artist who has not experienced instant gratification in his career, despite tremendous talent. K.R.I.T. is humble but confident. He understands that what he gets affects what he gives, and everything that he puts into the universe seems to eventually come back around.

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In the lyrics, he insists, “Live it, breathe it, zone it / No time to waste / No time to slow down when we out on the chase / Don’t be pumping your brakes / When you coming from nothing, you do what it takes / Dodging these gunshots man, still gotta stay focused / Ain’t no sleep, stay woken, gotta keep your eyes open / When all of my energy gone / Don’t leave me out on my own.

For the video, K.R.I.T. puts on his dark shades, gets dressed up, and has an upscale gathering in the country. His old school for this visual is a dressed-up 1970s Lincoln Towncar, with custom rims. He delivers his bars in a plush estate. Soldiers in formation surround him. In another sequence, a woman feeds an infant. The beautifully lit and stylized visual may be a treatment for the royal position Justin Scott is in. It also shows what fuels his energy these days.

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Big K.R.I.T.’s music is currently on the official Ambrosia For Heads playlist.