Your Old Droog Drops 2 Videos On The Move To Go With His Brand New Album

UPDATE: Your Old Droog released a double-video. “The Cheese” is an ode to school-bus transportation, while “Under The Train (Transporting)” examines the marketplace under the El.

Your Old Droog has returned in style with the release of his latest full-length album. After a relatively prolific 2017 in which he dropped Packs, Looseys, and his joint project with Wiki, What Happened To Fire?, the Brooklyn, New Yorker enjoyed more of a quiet 2018. While he did give fans “Cement 4s” featuring Conway and his “Live From NYC” freestyle, these offerings only gave fans room to digest the art that very clearly takes time to make, while anticipating the next Droog dose.

Well, Y.O.D. spent his time out of the spotlight assembling something special for Heads. His just-released LP It Wasn’t Even Close harkens back to a time when being left-field and eccentric was just as Hip-Hop as reality raps. While this New Yorker may have garnered early-Nas comparisons five years ago, due to his gruff voice and smooth flow, his body of work has proven he is more a student of Rap music that is both cerebral and witty, like that of MF DOOM and Organized Konfusion.

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So, for this LP, he recruited underground sensation Mach-Hommy to executive produce alongside a diverse roster of producers. Up-and-comers like V Don, Tha God Fahim, and Nephew Hesh have placements right next to  Daringer and Evidence. And sadhugold brings along his trademark 1980s cartoon sound effects and bugged out loops for five credits. Of the tracks he contributes, one doesn’t have Y.O.D on it at all. “Haunted House Beat (Not A House Beat)” is 30 seconds of record static, followed by a minute and a half of a simple vocal loop laced with drums. Then, after a random answering machine message, Mach comes in and kicks an accapella “over the phone” verse (although he’s not credited on the song) to close out the party.

As far as YODfather’s bars, his witty metaphors coupled with his Hip-Hop purist/elitist stance makes for some hilarious one-liners and great songs. And his obscure references to public figures like Punk icon GG Allin, Czech statesman Václav Havel, street baller Hot Sauce, and illusionist Uri Geller are second only to MF DOOM. And that’s a perfect segue into the guest line-up which includes Viktor Vaughn himself as well as Mach-Hommy on “RST,” Mach again on “Funeral March (The Dirge),” Secret Circle members Lil Ugly Mane and Wiki on “Smores,” and Roc Marciano on “Chasing Ghosts.”

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A close look at the cover after a few listens of the album will reveal a ton of visuals taken straight from the quirky lyrics. Bill Cosby BBQ sauce and a Harlem Knights poster are two prime examples of strong album references that appear in this fictional room. Your Old Droog creates a universe with his art, whether its call-backs to the New York City he loves, witty illustrations, or a Rap playing field where wit and flow reign supreme.

It Wasn’t Even Close is also available on limited edition orange vinyl.