Blu & Exile Reunite For A Soulful Song About How Hip-Hop Is True & Livin’ (Audio)

After meeting in the early 2000s, Los Angeles, California MC Blu and fellow native producer Exile recorded and released their first studio album in 2007 with the critically acclaimed, Below The Heavens. One album (2012’s Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them) and a decade after, Blu and Exile collected a stack of unreleased singles and B-sides with their most recent release, In The Beginning: Before The Heavens. That is not where this incredible chemistry ends though.

Blu and Exile have officially reunited with their latest single, “True & Livin.” Over Exile’s soulfully scratched boom-bap instrumental, Johnson Barnes dives into familiar territory with slick vibrations, “There’s something you call spectacular out of this freaking world / The most common denominator between boy and girl / The highest set of standards that’s ever been established/ Redistributed to the masses for your satisfaction / We only come in peace to preach about the next comin’ / The first Black President, what if the next is a woman?”

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With the intent to bless the streets with some visionary bars, Blu continues without haste, dropping some lyrical gems to catapult the uncompromising duo into the next decade. “Turntables and a classic record / A match made in Heaven / Glory be the God / Straight out the West / It’s never been a more truthful duo / In these courageous ages / The new creators favorites / Yo, it’s Blu and Ex / Go get a stack of rappers and play us back to back / Check the conclusion after / Who got the master’s lock? / Open your hearts and let us walk throughout your mental fortress / Close down your charts soon as we spark ’cause you consent to forfeit / Bring back original Rap to what it’s meant to be / And let that digital relax / Wax is slippery when wet / Acapella let me spit on your decks / Play that intro instrumental watch the realest connect / To say it simple, yo, we simply the best.”

Blu and Exile’s latest single, “True & Livin” is the title track to the duo’s Dirty Science Records LP of the same name, due May 24. The project will feature Exile’s Emanon co-conspirator, Aloe Blacc, as well as Fashawn, Dag Savage, Cashus King, Choosey, and Blame One.

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Press Photograph by B+ Provided By Dirty Science Records.