Conway The Machine’s Freestyle Wrecks Shop Alongside Benny & Rick Hyde (Video)

Earlier this month, Westside Gunn, Conway The Machine, and Benny The Butcher released “Headlines,” a standalone single produced by the legendary DJ Premier. The Payday Records song stands as a benchmark intersection between the three self-made stars of Griselda Records and the Gang Starr O.G. According to Wes’ recent interview with AFH TV, Heads may be getting a full-on Preemo and Griselda album in the future.

“This Preem’ record is now the beginning of Griselda 2.0. This the new chapter now,” Gunn told AFH TV this month. “This is page one of the Preemo joint. ‘Cause now it’s like, ‘Oh sh*t, then the Shady album. Oh sh*t, then the Conway album.’ It’s about to be a domino-effect now. The Griselda you knew before is old. What you about to hear now is all the new beginning sh*t. And we’ve been talking. I feel we’re going to do a Preem’ album; I really do. It’s for the culture. I think it’s what people wanna hear. I think it’s a necessity. Especially our sound with our East Coast raw sh*t.”

Westside Gunn, Conway & Benny Will Never Compromise The Griselda Sound (Video)

With the Gunn and the Griselda family appearing recently on Sway In The Morning, Heads get another taste of that rawness over Premier production. Following an interview with the squad (including Wes’), DJ Wonder drops the beat on Gang Starr and M.O.P.’s “1/2 & 1/2” at 26:00. Rick Hyde sets things off. Along with Benny’s recent signing of Philly MC RJ Payne to his Black Soprano Family imprint, Hyde appears to be the next extension of Benny’s expanding crew, which gets love and support from Griselda.

At 27:40, Conway offers a show-stealing verse filled with compound bars and a smooth cadence. “Gettin’ checks, man, this sh*t be happen too often for me / Matter fact, I ain’t even spend none of Marshall’s money / I have yet to spend a Shady dollar / Fur on the collar, leather navy wama / Crazy drama, but don’t hesitate to spray the llama / Baby mama don’t wear the sh*t if it ain’t designer / My bank account, that sh*t got crazy commas / B*tch in my Wraith get out and no it ain’t Rihanna / Scrape the pot and make sure I get all the yayo out it / That’s why I trade the product and make them bank deposits / I’m nice with my hands, we can shake / These ni**as lit on the ‘Gram, but their plans don’t equate / I know a ni**a that was solid, he landed Upstate / For shootin’ back at the ops, and hit his man by mistake / I’m a legend, this sh*t is stamped, I’m a great / I was sittin’ in fiends’ kitchens, 200 grams on the plate / I’m baggin’ the sh*t, while it’s still damp, I don’t wait / I told you it’s gettin’ spooky, ni**a, Camp Crystal Lake / You already know that I’m poppin’ my nina / Dropped my project and now these rappers can’t get out of the ringer / It’s like 20 racks of Louis sh*t I got at the cleaners,” slams the Buffalo, New Yorker.

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He recently told AFH TV that he writes nothing down. Notably, after the Griselda trio project, Con’s Shady Records debut is promised to be next in the major label partnership.

Benny spits last, at 29:30. “Sold every drug in the city and the blew up / Like I just ate the same spaghetti that Em’ threw up,” he says at the top, while on Shade 45, referencing “Lose Yourself.” The Butcher’s display is short but potent.

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At 31:30, another freestyle sequence takes place. Over Smoothe Da Hustler and Trigger The Gambler’s “Broken Language,” Rick Hyde goes for the encore. Notably, like Gunn and Conway, Smoothe and Trigger were hard-spitting siblings. “It was the summer of ’15 when we all ate / I swear them $80 bundles went a long way / I seen my mama stressed out like a long day / Not knowing that she dyin’ ’cause her chemo went the wrong way / I can’t explain it like a long face / She kept goin’ ‘Oh, child, it’ll get easier’ like the song say / Now I’m back like Pac after the head-shot / The lead pop, have you clutchin’ ya chest like you’re Redd Foxx.” The MC who refers to himself as “Ricky Run-On” does just that with bars, before telling Sway that he “needs them commas.

Earlier this year, Conway released EiF3. Benny The Butcher closed out 2018 with Tana Talk 3. Rick Hyde released Plates earlier this year on BSF. The Griselda Records video interview and hundreds of others are available on AFH TV. Subscribe to watch in full. We are currently offering free 30-day trials.